Billie Eilish Teases Fans With New Back Tattoo Sneak Peak

How much did it hurt

Billie Eilish has some new ink, but she’s keeping it mostly a mystery.

Earlier this week, the “Bad Guy” artist posted an Instagram photo dump with the cover photo showcasing her back and neck. The artist’s red and black two tone hair is peaking out of a beanie under a baseball cap, and she is wearing a simple black shirt. However, the showstopper is black ink lines peeking out of the shirt and stopping at the lower third of her neck. 

This is all fans know about the design so far. We are unsure of its length, if it’s completely abstract, or has any other colors. All we know is that the artist behind this work is Matias Milan, who Eilish tagged.

The rest of the photo dumped showcased random selfies and life moments such as Eilish looking at a horse or rocking another layered look. The last slide showcased a meme that read, “How I feel after calling grown ass men my baby girls.” 

While some comments laughed at the random meme, many were eager to get more details on the new tat. “Please stop edging us and show the full tat,” one user wrote. “I can’t figure out what your new spine tattoo is and it’s driving me nuts. Is it a meteor? What you showed of it so far reminds me of the trail of a meteor,” another fan commented. 

This is not the “Happier Than Ever” singer’s first tattoo, as she has fairies on her hand, a dragon that spans her waist, hip and thigh, as well as her last name gothically printed on her chest. 

Does this new tattoo follow Eilish’s mythical and medieval theme, or has she branched off to something else? Fans are praising the singer for being more active on Instagram, so maybe the reveal will come sooner rather than later.

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