Landon Barker, Son of Travis Barker, Releases Debut Single And Music Video Starring Charli D’Amelio

Music runs in the family….

Landon Barker is following in his father’s footsteps, as the 19-year-old released his debut single “Friends With Your Ex,” Friday, Sept. 22.

Accompanying the song’s release is a music video that actually features Barker’s real girlfriend, Charli D’AmelioThe song shares a story about meeting a girl who is dating one of Barker’s friends and they eventually get together. The chorus goes: 

I was friends with your ex
You were with him when we met
Guess he hasn’t found out yet
But I know he’s gonna kill me when he sees me with you
You’re a dream in my head
Now I’m sleeping in your bed
He’ll be wishing I was dead.
But I know he’s gonna kill me when he sees me with you

Visualizing this story in the music video, Barker sings in a band with friends and the love interest played by D’Amelio is dating the guitarist. The debut singer fantasizes about being with her until they eventually get together at a party, resulting in a fight between the singer and the guitarist until Barker eventually makes the final strike. 

Fans are already speculating if D’Amelio’s previous relationship with Chase Hudson inspired “Friends With Your Ex.” Hudson and D’Amelio broke up just a few months before she became official with Barker in June 2022. 

Hudson and Barker were friends, and fans believed that D’Amelio’s ex referenced both of them in his song All The Things I Hate About You.” Hudson, who goes by the stage name Huddy, sings about the anger towards his ex with the chorus:
You’re a showstopper
A bad liar, homie hopper, drama starter
All my friends are fucked, we all got you in common
You’re so fake, and everyone should know about it
And all the things I hate about you
All the things I hate about you, yeah

Despite this drama, everyone appears to have moved on with their lives. The “Friends With Your Ex” singer is not only thriving in his relationship, but was able to get his father, Blink-182’s Travis Barker, featured on the drums and use his record label DTA records. 

What’s next in Landon’s music career? Only time will tell.