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“We got more bounce in California than all ya’ll combine…we like to party all the time.” – Soul Kid #1

Whether you’re an LA native or just visiting, it doesn’t really matter because there is ALWAYS something new to discover in Los Angeles. This city is buzzing and brimming with day and nightlife. What are you waiting for? Get out and meet the new transplants, crash Leonardo DiCaprio’s house party, hit a drive-through dispensary (That’s a thing? Yes, it is), and binge on fresh fish from the Pacific Ocean (Did someone say sushi?). 


They say, “It’s all who you know,” and nowhere in the world is that statement truer than in Los Angeles, California. In a vast city of over 3.9 million people, how do you even keep track of all of the fun things that happen every night? It only takes an evening or two of going out in LA before your phone starts blowing up with invites.  But how do you know which parties are legit? Where are the sickest swag bags and the dankest weed bars? How do you prioritize your event schedule and, most importantly, how do you get the skinny on the most exclusive celebrity-studded shindigs like Madonna’s Oscar’s soirée or the next Calvin Harris release party? Well there’s a solution for that. Shadow, an event discovery and party crowd-sourcing platform has private real-time groups of cool and connected people in the entertainment, music, and fashion industry (Think Soho House but digital). Right now these groups only exist on WhatsApp and Instagram @shadow_la_ but the app is coming soon. Users know exactly what’s going on in the party scene through a live feed, create events and group activities relative to their location and current social network, and check their social radar to see who’s nearby and what they’re up to. LOOP Magazine Lessons: Always act like you belong, it doesn’t hurt to say you’re VIP even if you’re not (“Well, there must an error…”), don’t be shy, and dress to impress (which brings us to our next point)…


“I wouldn’t want to wear the same thing as someone else,” is something that is commonly said in Los Angeles when discussing fashion sense. Ironically, everyone is the same in the fact that they want so very much to be different. The physical result? A lot of incredibly quirky and fun boutique shopping, repurposed high-end vintage clothing, designer and artist collaborations (“This isn’t just a Louis bag… it’s one of a kind from an Alec Monopoly/Louis Vuitton collaboration.”), and ensembles so creative and colorful it’s impossible not to stare. Light up sneakers, translucent pleated poodle skirts, and oversized blinged-up prescription pill capsule-shaped purses are just a few wacky statement pieces we’ve seen out and about this week. Wear to find wacky wearables like that? LOOP Magazine Likes: What Goes Around Comes Aroundnot just a classic Justin Timberlake jam. It’s also the leading global purveyor of authentic luxury vintage accessories and apparel. Since 1993, the New York City Soho flagship has remained an industry staple, frequented by celebrities and tastemakers from around the world. But the best WGCA parties go down at the additional flagship in Beverly Hills.  Balenciaga, Rolex, Céline, and Chanel— they’re all there. For boutique shopping, Abbot Kinney on the west side is where you can find the chicest, most charming designer clothing stores. Iced spiced chai latte from Blue Bottle Coffee in hand and you’re ready to raid the retail racks. Set your sites on SATINE for a healthy mix of beach-y boho dresses and hip-hop-inspired hoodies and kicks (can you say aqua mink fur Natasha Zinko slippers?) With locations in San Francisco, Studio City and Santa Monica, Wasteland is a California staple for rock royalty and trend oppositionists. Their collection of carefully curated, handpicked consignment pieces is staggering. This is where you find your statement pieces. Every Los Angeles fashion fanatic has a Wasteland story and it happens to be one of our recent feature’s (Hana Giraldo’s) favorite shopping destinations. Located on North Robertson Boulevard, PERI-A is where you go to find brands and designers you’ve never heard of. Eclectic is putting it lightly— where else can you find a Ronald McDonald pearl necklace? (Hint: Nowhere except maybe France where the Bijoux de Famille brand hails from). What you might find: snarky sayings on graphic tees galore or a Philip Karto bag that reads, “If you don’t like me, fuck off. Problem solved…”


“Get buzzed, get drunk, get crunked, get fucked up…” –Eminem

Hit the best clubs. It’s the weekend, or maybe it’s not. It doesn’t matter because there’s rarely an off night in Los Angeles. LOOP Magazine Likes: Don’t get us wrong, there’s something invigorating and gratifying about letting loose in a tight, sweaty club on a crowded dance floor. But sometimes you want to get outside and play. We implore you to explore Le Jardin. Designed by Gulla Jonsdottir of G+ Design, this lounge, eatery and club has a large patio with olive trees, vines and fire-pits. The space attracts a friendly crowd with a great vibe (“Here, let me help you get on top of the table so you can dance…”) particularly on Saturday nights, which are Deep House nights, featuring hot underground DJs in LA. For another outdoor experience, hit The Highlight Room located on the rooftop of the Dream Hotel in Hollywood. This space is TAO Group’s newest dining, daylife, and nightlife concept. Packed around the oasis-style pool, lined with cabanas and twinkle lights, are some of LA’s most influential bon viveurs. The Highlight Room has hosted a wide variety of musical performances from Courtney Love’s band, Hole, at the LIPPS LA event to Nelly, Questlove, and Ty Dolla Sign…If you’re looking for a change of pace, TAO Group’s reliable velvet-covered, disco ballin’ nightlife concept, Avenue, is conveniently located adjacent to The Highlight Room and is just a mere hop, skip, and a jump (the-line-if-you’re-fabulous-enough) away. Bootsy Bellows is David Arquette’s 60s art deco inspired nightclub, named after his mother. Located on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, every night at Bootsy Bellows is a celebration. What might happen: randoms trying to (and possibly succeeding) at pouring vodka straight from the bottle into your mouth, randoms throwing handfuls of singles up in the air…because why not? Just watch out for the drunks scrambling on the floor to pick them up.


Let’s face it, unless you’re in Japan, there are only a handful of places that have the same quality fish and sushi that Los Angeles boasts— fish so fresh it melts like butter on your tongue.

LOOP Magazine Likes: Iroha Sushi of Tokyo located in Studio City on Ventuara Boulevard might have the best albacore crispy onion ponzu dish in Los Angeles. If you don’t know what those words mean, you need to bring a friend to Iroha who knows what good sushi is. Best-kept sushi secret is also on Ventura boulevard: Teru Sushi. The happy hour at Teru is so cheap, it probably shouldn’t be allowed. Only tell your closest friends about this one because no one wants to wait in line for happy hour. Order the spicy tuna on crispy rice cakes with avocado. Of course, no one can comment on the LA sushi scene without having experienced SUGARFISH. Often referred to as the “Sushi Nazi,” celebrated sushi chef Kazunori Nozawa encourages his diners to “Trust me,” and order “omakase,” which allows you to sit back and enjoy selected dishes from the chef. SUGARFISH is the result of a dinner conversation between chef Kazunori Nozawa, who opened Sushi Nozawa in Los Angeles in 1978, and Jerry Greenberg, a long time fan and friend of Nozawa. Trust ME, the best thing on the menu is the toro handroll and make sure to eat it while it’s hot—crunchy seaweed on the outside, warm rice and cold fish on the inside. On the flipside, Koi boasts some of the most extravagant and creative roll concepts such as the Sunfire Roll with lobster, snow crab, cucumber and cilantro topped with mango, avocado and ichimi or the Kiiro Roll with Albacore, cucumber, tempura flakes, yellowtail, avocado, and Jalapeno Aioli.


Recreational marijuana sales became legal in California on January 1st, 2018.  Like candy stores but for adults, dispensaries in Los Angeles are stimulating and sticky.  Even for those who don’t participate in the pleasures of smoking or consuming marijuana, visiting a dispensary is still a thrill and an education. Smelling jars of different strains— “Will this chill me out or turn me up?” “Will this help me study or turn me on?” Get your questions answered and get your green. LOOP Magazine Likes: You can’t (puff puff) pass up these hot spots. Located just a few blocks from the Burbank Airport on Vanowen (great for an anti-anxiety a pre-flight puff) is Valley Herbal Healing Center. This bright green painted center grows most of their herb and carries products many other dispensaries don’t offer such as CBD tinctures that leave your head clear but your body feeling like velvet. The best part of this dispensary is easily the drive-through window for Angelenos in a rush. The Green Easy’s sleek, white décor and chandeliers highlight a giant sign that reads “SMOKE.” The menu is extensive and sweet with hybrids like Grape Pie, Lemon Tree, Thin Mint, and Wedding Cake. They also stock Dosist, a Loop Magazine favorite brand with formulas for different desired effects including bliss, sleep, passion, arouse, and calm. Downtown Buyers Club might be downtown LA’s best dispensary. Hollywood High Grade is known for having some of the most knowledgeable and attentive budtenders in Los Angles with great recommendations. There’s nothing worse than asking for bud that will hype you up and going home with a sleep aid. That won’t happen at Hollywood High Grade. Pre-order your goodies online and then look for the green light above the entrance on Santa Monica Boulevard. The Higher Path on Ventura in Sherman Oaks has the best deals for its first and second time visitors. On your first visit, expect a goody bag with THP gear and a joint for $1. Then when you’re back for round two, let your Cannabis Consultant know it’s your second visit to receive 50% OFF the flower gram or edible (limit $20).

Whether you’re in Los Angeles for a lifetime or just the weekend, fly high in the city of angels and challenge yourself to try something new. Whatever you get into, don’t hold back and be yourself. This is not a city of sleepers. It’s a city of dreamers and doers, pot smokers, and party crashers…

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