DJ Mini Skrrt Shares What Goes Down At 2 A.M.

From reality show reunions to vibey afters, DJ Mini Skrrt tells us what goes down at 2 a.m.

From the second Freddie Ransome stepped into the studio to film her episode of “2 A.M. Chronicles,” her energy was undeniably infectious. 

The pint-sized powerhouse, originally from Virginia, first soared to social media stardom as a junior producer at BuzzFeed before carving out her own fervent following as a dope content creator. It was only a couple years ago that Freddie decided to pivot her passion to music, jumping behind the decks as DJ Mini Skkrt

While Freddie has been slaying the music game out the gate, she does admit that the pipeline of influencers to DJs can raise some eyebrows. 

“I think we saw a lot of that ramping up during the pandemic,” Freddie tells Loop Magazine. “There are a lot of influencers who have made their way to the DJ side and because they have a following, myself included, we do get opportunities probably a bit easier than someone who doesn’t have a robust following on social media.”


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While there may be more social media stars spinning than ever, Freddie is determined to smash the sterotypes.

“I will say there are some influencers who have gone the DJ route who say, ‘well this is kinda safe next step for me, it’s easy, I like music so let me just go press some buttons at a party.’ And then there are others who really take it seriously and really really love the craft and are super passionate.”

She continued, “We shouldn’t be blanketed. Two things can be true and it’s important to really give people a chance to show that they really care about a craft and that they are putting in the work.”

And Freddie is definitely putting in the work. This summer alone, she’s been busy performing all over Los Angeles, providing the beats for numerous hotspots from Adults Only in Hollywood to the Ace in DTLA, and killin’ it with her Hotel House Sessions event series. 

On top of her musical success, Freddie hasn’t lost touch with her social media roots either. Boasting nearly half a million Instagram followers, you can often find her flexing her fire ‘fits and sharing her two cents as co-host the popular  Money Honeys Podcast.

So what really goes down at 2 a.m.? Find out what Mini Skkrt sees and hears in the video above. 

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