Orange Calderon Talks 2 A.M Chronicles On PCN Music Video Series

“A switch turned on when I DJed in Paris. I 100% know it, I got better that night.”

Orange Calderon talks about being a female DJ in a predominantly male industry. She notes some of her favorite places to spin: Tanzania, Paris, Asia, and Canada. In this installment of 2 A.M Chronicles the DJ tells PCN about some of the most wild Los Angeles after parties. “I’ve been at parties where there are mountains of coke on the tables. I’ve been at parties where there are topless girls as the bartenders just roaming around. I’ve been at parties with free weed bars, ” Calderon said. Calderon gives you a taste of what it’s like to walk into a club, ready to perform and have the bouncer dismiss you as just a girl just trying to get into the DJ booth. 

Check out the full episode above for more.

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