DJ Shadow Releases 'You Played Me' Single And Music Video

And fans have a bunch of tapes to thank for it… 

DJ Shadow is building up the hype for his album Action, which releases Oct. 27. In the meantime, fans can stay preoccupied with his latest single “You Played Me.”

Sept. 22 the artist dropped the song as well as the music video. The track pulls from a variety of genres as the inspiration comes from a collection of 200 tapes that were auctioned on Ebay. The tapes came from a Baltimore-D.C. radio station and included hip-hop, dance music, and R&B. from the ’80s.

The DJ also used his records to experiment with types of vocalists he wanted on the song, and ended up going with an acapella track from 1984/85. 

“It’s an example of one of my favorite aspects of the music I make, which is just 100% serendipity,” DJ Shadow explained. “There are a thousand records sitting next to me that aren’t going to work; the right record got put on at the right moment to change the course of my album. It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever made.”

The music video pays homage to the tapes he drew inspiration from. The video showcases three janitors coming into a basement to clean; the setting actually takes place in National Audio Company, a working Missouri factory that still produces cassette tapes. They listen to tapes as they clean, and the area also happens to be an assembly line where tapes are mass produced. Throughout the video, tapes are juggled by one of the actors, labeled, and eventually put in their final box. 

DJ Shadow came onto the music scene in 1996 with his debut album Endtroducing. He is most known for his single Run The Jewels, released in 2016 and has over 100 million streams on Spotify. His last project was released in 2019, and even resulted in a Jimmy Kimmel Live performance for the song “Rocket Fuel,” which was performed with De La Soul. 

With it being four years since his latest release, the anticipation is high for what this next album will bring. 

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