Egyptian Electronic Music Veteran Fulltone Returns To All Day I Dream Label With The 'Alba' EP

The artist is warmly welcomed back to Lee Burridge’s esteemed imprint…..

This month, All Day I Dream family member Fulltone returned to the label, transporting listeners into a state of serenity with the release of his latest body of work, the Alba EP. This EP promises a journey into the depths of organic and melodic house music, blending diverse beats, hypnotic rhythms, and ethereal melodies into a beautiful tapestry of sound.

Rooted in his upbringing amidst a wide variety of musical influences, including the likes of Alan Parsons, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, and Trentemøller, Fulltone’s sonic palette has been shaped by a diverse array of sounds spanning genres and generations. A multi-instrumentalist at heart, Fulltone has mastered many tools of the trade, from more common instruments like the guitar, keyboards, and bass guitar, to rare treasures like the Greek Bouzouki, Turkish Cumbus, and Turkish Saz.

Having already released 11 tracks on All Day I Dream, Fulltone has contributed many great works to the ADID catalog.

In crafting the Alba EP, Fulltone embraces the endless expanse of creativity. Reflecting on the elusive nature of inspiration, he compares it to the act of fishing, where patience and persistence are essential to reel in moments of brilliance.

“Sometimes you catch a fish immediately, sometimes it takes hours or days, but you won’t catch any fish unless you go to the sea with a fishing line,” he says. “In my case, the sea is my studio and the fishing line is my instruments.”

A standout track from the Alba EP is “Make Believe,” featuring vocals from Shyam P. The track begins with an elaborate percussive pattern, instantly kicking things off with a groove. As a lone synth note is introduced, tension rises as energy slowly builds. When a deep bass enters the mix, we hear Shyam P’s vocals for the first time, instructing the listener to “make believe.” In the latter half of the track, playful melodies juxtapose commanding low ends, creating a serene oasis covering the full spectrum of sound.

In the months following the Alba EP release, Fulltone has an exciting lineup of releases and live performances. He’ll drop a single on Klassified and a collaborative EP with Parallelle during the Summer.

On the tour front, he recently played Sandbox Festival in Gouna and will perform at Goat Community Festival in Portugal on July 7, Geneva on July 10, and a Canada tour at the end of July covering Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Fulltone will also be performing at All Day I Dream Ibiza on September 23, with more ADID dates to come.

The Alba EP by Fulltone is available digitally on all major streaming platforms. Physical records will be available June 14, courtesy of All Day I Dream.

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