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Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic...

Historically, the world of magic has been a bonafide boys club. From the David Blaines to the David Copperfields, it’s the male magicians who we are used to seeing as headliners, while women are often stuck in the onstage assistant roles.
Well, Abracadabra! Meet Anna DeGuzman, a trailblazing Filipina-American cardist, mentalist, and magician who at just 25 year-old has cemented her place as one of the world’s premier female masters of magic.
Having always loved magic as a kid, Anna started pursuing a career at 18, soon proving herself a gifted talent and charismatic persona with extraordinary range, from sleight of hand to mentalism to illusions and more. Now, as one of the youngest members at the esteemed Magic Castle in Hollywood, Anna regularly performs for high-profile audiences and A-List celebrities at prestigious events and venues across the globe.
In 2023, Anna became a household name as the Season 18 runner up on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” marking the first time ever a female magician made the finale. She has also made notable appearances on “Australia’s Got Talent,” CW’s “Masters of Illusion,” “Penn & Teller: Fool Us,” “Access Hollywood,” and MTV’s “Amazingness,” as well as Nickelodeon, Disney, ESPN, Buzzfeed and more.
In addition to her wildly popular viral magic videos, Anna—who splits her time between LA and Miami—has collaborated with mega-brands such as T-Mobile, TikTok, Amazon, NBA, Microsoft, Lego, L’Oreal Paris, Christian Louboutin, Savage X Fenty, Groot Hospitality and Glamnetic.  
Most recently, Anna returned to TV on NBC’s “AGT: Fantasy League” where she competed as a member of Howie Mandal’s Dream Team and made it to the semi-finals. She also just slayed the Mastercard Midnight Theatre in New York City with her electrifying Anna DeGuzman, “Queen of Cards” live show.
Beyond her professional achievements, Anna has amassed a huge following on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube thanks to her undeniable charm, wit and relatability. Her captivating content is a unique blend of self-deprecating humor, pop culture commentary, personal anecdotes, and adventures in food, fashion, and travel, with, of course, magic deftly woven in. 
Expanding on her deep passion to connect with others, Anna recently partnered with the popular creator/brand-friendly platform Passes, giving her fans access to exclusive content and experiences.

Loop Magazine caught up with the rising star where she opened up about being a disruptor in her field, retuning to “AGT,” the celebrity she totally freaked out with her skills and more. Check out our exclusive interview with Anna below. 

Previously, you have said that you have only been doing card artistry for five or six years, but felt like you have been doing it your whole life. How did you get into this profession? 

I’ve been fascinated with magic my whole life. When I was 18 years old, I moved to LA and lived near the Magic Castle. I started going to magic shows there, befriending magicians, and figuring out for myself how to create my own methods. I also fell in love with cardistry, so I would practice every day, honing my skills. Eventually, I joined the Magic Castle Junior Members program, where I received amazing mentorship and community support. As I got better and perfected my acts, I saw that with every performance, I was able to tap into that joy and wonder that magic brings to audiences. I realized: this isn’t a hobby—it’s what I’m meant to do.

You have performed at the world-famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles, which is a huge feat, especially at a young age. What was it like the first time performing there?

My first time performing at the Magic Castle was when I auditioned to become a junior member. I remember my hands shaking noticeably because I was extremely nervous performing for live audiences still. It showed me you have to have the sleight of hand down to almost muscle memory before you can take the performance to the next level, because only then will you be comfortable interacting with the audience in a natural way so you’re not thinking about if things are going correctly and just enjoy being present.

Obviously, a magician never gives up their secrets, but what inspires you when coming up with new acts and elevating them?

When trying to come up with a new act, I think about what emotion I’d like people to leave with. By taking an ordinary object and doing something extraordinary with it… I want to surprise people and remind them that magic is everywhere—you can find it in every day. Anything is possible.

What is it like returning to “America’s Got Talent” in this new Fantasy League format?

I am so excited to be back on the new “AGT” series because it will feel like I’m coming home. I also get to meet a lot of the other stars from previous seasons. You are going to see a side of me that you’ve never seen before. 

You recently partnered with the creator platform Passes. How has it been creating exclusive content for the app, and can you give us a hint at what fans can expect if they subscribe to you?

Passes is empowering me as a creator to connect with my fans more directly. If you’d like to learn from me—whether it’s how to do magic or performance tips for any type of entertainer or creating content for social media—Passes gives you unprecedented access.

How has it been connecting to fans through social platforms like Passes? 

Passes has allowed me to fully customize how I interact with my supporters more directly, whether it’s through chat or video calls, or providing mentorship. The app features make it easier than ever to offer exclusive content through subscription membership, so that, as a creator, I can take control, and my subscribers get a super user-friendly experience.

"I want to surprise people and remind them that magic is everywhere—you can find it in every day. Anything is possible."

You split your time between Los Angeles and Miami. What’s the biggest difference between the crowds here and there?

LA and Miami are like two fraternal twins, similar in many ways, but completely different at their cores. I love LA. It’s the Mecca of entertainment, and I shoot a lot of TV and commercials out there. There is nothing like the glow of Hollywood. Meanwhile, Miami, to me, is more about incredible hospitality. Miami loves to have a good time and be entertained. Flashiness, sparklers, fire, smoke—you come to Miami for the extraness, the show. In LA, where there is a lot more history of magic, the style of performance is more traditional.

What are your fav nightlife spots in LA or Miami?

Tough question! Going out in Miami is objectively more fun because people there are more carefree and enjoy having a good time. It’s less about being seen, more about dancing and enjoying good music. As soon as you land in the city, you can feel it — the energy is unmatched. At this time I have to say that Mila is a classic favorite, restaurant and lounge all in one place. It’s the  perfect spot; every time you go you can expect an amazing dinner, great atmosphere, attractive crowd, vibey music.

Where do you think magic and its niche fit into the nightlife landscape?

Clubs are a fun place to perform close-up magic. The audience is ready to be entertained, and sometimes…the audience IS an entertainer! When I first moved to Miami, I started performing at all of Dave Grutman’s clubs and restaurants, where I met a lot of high-profile musicians and celebrities—who love magic! But in reality, performing in these spaces allowed me to get my reps in, refine my ‘spontaneous’ act, and learn how to keep people’s attention and focus on visual magic in a loud, dark setting. Some of my successful viral videos were created during that time!

Do you have a go-to drink or cocktail?

My go-to drink is a Matcha latte with oat milk, sometimes with lavender or rose.

You’ve talked a lot about your Filipino heritage and learning Tagalog. How has your identity impacted your motivations, career, etc.?

Growing up Filipino, I was expected to become a nurse. Doing magic was far removed from the path that my mom saw for me. Fortunately, I think I have proven that it is possible to pursue a non-traditional entertainment career. Today, my mom is very proud. Choosing this career was motivation in itself for me to succeed because there was no other option. I had to bet on myself. The joke in my family is that most Filipinos can either sing, dance, act… I don’t have any of that talent — so I HAD to do magic!

You’ve also talked about being an only child raised by a single mom. How has your relationship with her impacted your career?

Because it’s just me and my mom, I have always felt a responsibility to take care of us. I’ve reached a point in my career where that’s possible. We have only gotten closer through this experience, because entertainment, being on TV, is not a world that my mom has ever known or planned on being a part of. But, she is so proud and supportive. I know I get a lot of my bravery from her.

When a lot of people say or think of male-dominated fields, they think of STEM careers and not necessarily magic. What’s it like being a gender minority in a non-traditional career path?

I like to say that the next great magician will be female. I’ve always focused on becoming the best magician, period. I want the talent to speak for itself. Then, when people notice that they never see women do this, I realize that the representation is real. There’s truly no reason a woman can’t do magic seriously and succeed — and I hope to inspire more people, especially young girls, to see it possible to not let your circumstances define you. My goal is to redefine the image of what a magician is.

"I had the chance to perform for Lil Uzi Vert. We surprised him with magic during his GQ photoshoot, and he was genuinely shocked"

Who is your favorite celebrity or public figure you have performed for?

Recently, I had the chance to perform for Lil Uzi Vert. We surprised him with magic during his GQ photoshoot, and he was genuinely shocked — everyone knows that he would never fake a reaction. I “magically” unlocked his phone and his passcode. That has now become my signature; I get the most requests to do it! It’s the number one thing every girl has asked me to teach them, lol, how to get into their man’s phone. and men have even offered me money to do it to their girl… It’s the most fun to perform because I believe the normal person, given magical powers, would want to be able to do the same.

Do you have any pre-show or post-show rituals?

Before every show, I like to put myself in a state of meditation, to relax my nerves. I don’t like to eat big meals before a performance. I rather drink matcha with adaptogenic mushrooms (a great herbal remedy), get some sun by going for a walk, and visualize the act running smoothly. I eat after the performance. And then, I like to celebrate in some way, because I’m riding such a high coming off-stage.

What would you say to someone who is skeptical about going to see a magic show?

Come see me for yourself, and you’ll believe that magic is real.
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