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Blake Anderson Caesar Sebastian Photos
Blake Anderson Caesar Sebastian Photos

From house parties to Steve Aoki’s sets, these top nightlife photographers capture the night scene with the dopest photographs. Loop has selected some of the most talented LA based nightlife photographers, whose work will give you FOMO or remind you of some of your most lit late nights.

Peru Williams The Dank Crusader
Photo by Peru Williams
  1. Sean Maung


Sean Maung, originally from LA, executes his “honest” style through his raw and gritty imagery. It’s the real deal, featuring real people from the streets to nightclub scenes. There’s even a slight vintage feel to some of his photos. “I’m not worried about what is conveyed, because each person will interpret my photos in their own special, unique way. When I have a “standard” definition of what my work is about, people stop using their imagination and mental magic that organically comes with absorbing art,” says Maung. Maung admits that he loves shooting at night, especially at the LA’s metro red line. “I love the street at night and the people out. As for the clubs, or bars, or house parties, there has to be good music – that’s the foundation. Then it doesn’t matter to me, from industrial and new wave at a bdsm party, to trap at a strip club, to salsa at a transgender bar,” he says.


instagram – @olskoolsean
website –

Sean Maung
Photo by Sean Maung
  1. Caesar Sebastian

Caesar Sebastian, born and raised in LA, has been in the photography business for about ten years, shooting LA nightlife and music festivals and even touring with artists like Steve Aoki and Skrillex. While getting lost in the underground scene, he discovered “little pockets of subcultures” in the city, like drum and bass, steampunk dubstep parties and witch-house nights. “Photography opens up a whole different version of existence. I am interested in human beings, from everything we have created and destroyed, and everything in between,” says Sebastian when describing his work philosophy. Sebastian has an amazing eye for composition. He says he is still working on nailing down his style and doesn’t think he will ever have just one since he’s been influenced by so many different artists, including William Eggleston and Helmut Newton. “I have a fascination with making pictures,” says Sebastian, whose photos beautifully display the high energy and euphoria of all the party people.

Instagram – @caesarsebastian

Photo by Peru Williams
Photo by Peru Williams
  1. Peru Williams


Born in New York and raised in Columbia, MD, Peru Williams is currently based in North Hollywood and relatively fresh to the photography world. In 2018, he toured with artist Marty Grimes when he bought his first camera in Seattle and captured moments on the road. “Being a freshman in the game, I believe you have to pay your dues. While I do have some connections in the music industry and nightlife, I find myself capturing most of my shots without “all access” or “media” credentials. I can’t count how many security checkpoints I’ve had to slip by to get the “right shot” as opposed to just any shot,” says Williams. His photos truly deliver the perfect candid moments, from people laughing, blazing, rapping and just having a kick-ass time at parties. “I try and focus on energy and moods…Whether it’s someone having a confrontation over spilled drinks or just good chemistry between two people.” Williams describes his work as “‘street meets ‘portrait’ style shooting” and calls himself “Hip-Hop’s Peter Parker (Spider Man).” His favorite events include concerts and album listenings, “from shooting in large crowds of mosh pitting ‘Juice wrld’ fans to taking portraits of ‘Post Malone’ as his security rushes him off stage….You never know what you’re going to capture in the night life in L.A.”


Instagram – @thedankcrusader


Anastasia Velicescu
Photo by Anastasia Velicescu
  1. Anastasia Velicescu

Versatile and talented Anastasia Velicescu executes nightlife photography and beyond, including travel, fashion, and artist portraits. Although she is based in LA, she tends to shoot outside of the city, capturing blissful moments at shows and events. Her portfolio includes amazing shots of Jhené Aiko, Denzel Curry, DJ Snake, and Kendrick Lamar. Sometimes shooting film, Velicescu’s style emanates nostalgic vibes and the perfect lighting, creating soft and warm images. Be sure to check out her Instagram and personal webpage to get a feel of her variety.

Instagram: @stassie.v 

Photo by Jennifer Johnson @jenjphoto
Photo by Jennifer Johnson @jenjphoto

5. Jennifer Johnson

LA/MKE based photographer Jennifer Johnson is the nightclub photographer you always wanted, making you look good no matter how drunk you are. Johnson’s work ranges from engagements and weddings to red carpet and exclusive birthday bashes. She’s photographed artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Cardi B, and Travis Scott, just to name a few. When Johnson isn’t at LA’s hottest hip hop parties, she’s capturing all the fun at events like Maxim SuperBowl party and various film screenings.

Instagram @jenjphoto

6. Von “Vlex” Jackson

Professional photographer Von Jackson is also based in LA and specializes in events photography, nightclubs, concerts and high fashion. His photos give you a serious case of FOMO, making you wish you were partying in those crazy crowds.

Jackson shoots the TBA Fridays at the Playhouse Hollywood nightclub, revealing the night scene of LA hip hop, which is truly sexy. The work Jackson produces goes beyond high standards, as each photo displays and transfers the mood of the moment, individual’s energy.


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