How To Party And Keep Up With Model & DJ Ann Atman

“I was playing sets at party hotspots around the world including Ibiza, Tulum, Croatia, Dubai, Goa and so on.”

Ann Atman is a model and DJ, who was born and raised in Ukraine. Her family deeply valued music and from a young age found an affinity and appreciation for it. She studied at the Donetsk National Music Academy and went on to get a Master’s degree in Economics and Trade from Donetsk National University. In 2014 she moved to Kiev where she pursued modeling while continuing her job as an economist. The political unrest was volatile and in 2016, so she accepted a modeling contract with an agency in Paris and moved to France. 

Upon arriving in France she was curious about DJing and asked her friends to teach her. She saw it as a way to share her passion for music. “Starting a new chapter in France besides modeling jobs, I began to explore my passion for DJ-ing by playing sets during private events at Paris Fashion Week. From these exclusive sets, I began to get noticed and was soon invited to play in top underground nightclubs. Within one year of living and working in Paris, my DJ career began to take off, with my name gaining popularity on the electronica scene. Opportunities to play in other countries cropped up, and before long, I was playing sets at party hotspots around the world including Ibiza, Tulum, Croatia, Dubai, Goa and so on.”

Her modeling and DJ career exploded when she performed at Miami Music Week in 2017. After that trip she decided to move to the US and found a tremendous amount of success, spinning regularly at all the major cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and performing at countless music festivals. It is phenomenal to see how her upbringing with music fostered a space for her to become a covetable DJ across the world! Her sets are known for mixing her favorite genres of electronic music: Progressive House, Melodic Techno and Indie Dance.

She is continually inspired by traveling, meeting creative people, seeing art and challenging personal growth. Her artistry is a complete homage to her international and global background. Despite the challenges she has endured, she’s fostered a space for herself within nightlife. 

On the creative end, for each artist, inspiration is very important and some days we just might not have it. On the other end, outside of any downside, all it takes is an awesome show and I am reinvigorated! DJing & nightlife is supposed to be fun, but sometimes the politics and personalities that come with it on the business side can make it stressful. When I first started, there were times I felt undervalued– it made me more selective of events I play, and work with those who want to mutually elevate each other.”

She took time during the pandemic to see the value in communal experiences and sharing great events. She’s more inspired and ready to play more and have her performances be more meaningful and captivating for people.  This summer she is looking forward to more collaborative work projects, the ability to travel safely and working on music. Stay updated on her new EP and some singles that she will be sharing very soon on her instagram and soundcloud!  

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