Saint Clair Talks “Personally DJ'ing for Drake” on 2 A.M Chronicles

Saint Clair ended up partying with Drake and The Weekend late into the night...

Originally from the Land Down Under, Georgia Sinclair aka Saint Clair tells us how she found her way to the top here in Los Angeles as a kickass female DJ as well as what goes down after 2 a.m. About a month after moving to L.A., Saint Clair was picking up gigs at local bars when she suddenly received a call from a bar owner saying, ‘There’s been a special request for you. It’s a famous client and they want you to come in and play their sort of friends and family album launch.’

“So I thought, ‘ Oh yeah, that’s pretty cool. I’ve only been here a few weeks, and some famous person wants me to DJ, that’s awesome,’” says Saint Clair. “Lucky I asked and lucky I pressed because I found out it was Drake. And it was when he dropped ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.’” Saint Clair ended up partying with Drake and The Weekend late into the night, at one point experiencing her epiphany of “My God, I’m really in L.A. now,” especially when one of them passed her a joint.

“And I thought, ‘When Drake and The Weekend want to smoke weed with you, you better smoke weed.’ So I took a hit. That was a huge mistake,” Saint Clair says. “And I ended up having to excuse myself and go sit outside for a few minutes until the room stopped spinning.”

Back in Australia, Saint Clair used to model and hosted a TV show, which at the time was her dream job. Unfortunately, on her 22nd birthday, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, causing her to step down from her TV career as she could no longer continue with a live show. Looking for a distraction, Saint Clair taught herself how to DJ while she wasn’t working. 

“And never in a million years did I think it was going to be my career,” she says. “I was flat out convinced it was just a great hobby that I enjoyed. But, you know, I started getting offered gig after gig and it snowballed, and I realized I was absolutely in love with it. And that was the end. Now I’m a DJ.” Music has always been a major part of Saint Clair’s life. “From, you know, the minute that I started getting into music, it became such a huge part of my life,” she says. “I remember being a teenager and sleeping with trance music on in the background. And it became kind of a form of meditation to me.” 

Saint Clair also explains that her process for creating a signature sound while selecting music is highly based on her personal taste – “quite commercial and mainstream.” By following Spotify playlists and listening through hours of different DJ record pulls, Saint Clair downloads her favorite tracks and then makes a lot of her own edits to add in her own flavor. She delivers what the people want. 

As for her top jam of 2020: “WAP” by Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion. “So, first and foremost it’s [by] two very strong, talented women,” says Saint Clair. “But it’s just really cleverly written – the beat is catchy, it’s dirty. It brings out my inner toxic self.” 

While Saint Clair’s top nightlife city stands as Miami, she has also partied hard in Vegas, where she admits to encountering one of her biggest mistakes while DJing. One weekend, she was playing a couple of shows and partied a little too hard with too many shots. “[I] turned up to play TAO Beach Club and plugged my laptop in, hit play on the first song, and then went to mix in the second song and dropped it on top of the first song. On my Serato.” she explains. “And at the same time, scrambled to fix it and ended up tripping and shutting the entire thing off all together…It was a disaster, that’s probably the worst one I’d say.” 

But Saint Clair doesn’t give up, in fact she dreams big. When asked about her dream collaboration, she says, “I do have a dream collaboration and it’s not going to be what you expect – Hans Zimmer. Because he’s a genius. I saw him at Coachella a couple years ago.

The guy is an absolute beast. Do you like films? Yeah, I mean, who doesn’t love a good Hans Zimmer song over a film?” 

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