Kendall Lake Talks 2 A.M Chronicles On PCN Music Video Series

“I think as women, we are fighting to get so much love and respect”

Straight out of Burbank, California indie rap/rock singer Kendall Lake streaming numbers continue to climb and this time with her latest release of “I’m Not The One”. Kendall Lake talks about her experience getting chased out of a club and shares a sneak peek of her rockstar lifestyle. “I used to do a little shmeey little coco puff in the strip club for money then I would literally go to the club and go merrrr and once I was done with the money I took all of the napkins from the bar and threw them in the air”  Kendall Lake tells PCN.

In this installment of 2 A.M Chronicles the musician also expresses her experience collaborating  with Taylor Gang’s Raven Felix on song called Pink Revolver. Kendall Lakes shared where she drew the inspiration behind the song’s opening lyrics “I was like, you know sometime you gotta burn it down so you can play with the ashes” Kendall Lake says.

Check out the full episode above for more.

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