Kim Petras Releases Surprise Album 'Problematique' Just Before Feed The Beast World Tour

She’s feeding her fans before she starts Feed The Beast

Kim Petras is less than a couple weeks shy of starting her Feed the Beast World Tour, and on Monday, September 18th, she finally dropped her long awaited album entitled Problematique. 

This ten track project was originally delayed after partial leaks, but now it’s here and ready to be shared with the world. The “Unholy” singer was inspired by French house music and Parisian landscapes, and there is also a special feature: Paris Hilton! The “That’s hot” public figure makes an appearance on the track “All She Wants.” 

It’s been a big year for Petras as the German singer gained more attention after her feature on Sam Smith’s “Unholy,” which received mixed reviews from the public. In an Apple Music interview, Petras sat with Zane Lowe and got real about her experience post the song’s release: 

“[…] and especially I think with ‘Unholy’ being a song that was so for me and Sam, so about our identities and stuff like that,” she stated. “And I think so many people just really tried to tear that down, so I felt very emotional while all of that was happening.” 

She continued, “I think what I’ve learned is that people are going to assume whatever they want to assume and you can’t control that. And people are scared of what they don’t know. I think for me, something that I just genuinely always felt is I want to learn about different experiences. I want to accept them. I wish everyone to find a way to make it through life and be happy however they want to make it, and to be less judgmental, especially seeing Sam and the things that people had to say about Sam just make me sad as a friend. And someone who just loves music and is such a talent and such a light… which I find inspiring for me.” 

Petras is now gearing up for her first stop on her world tour: Austin, Texas on Sept. 27. Kim Petras fans are sure in for a time as the artist will perform songs from not only Feed the Beast, but also her newest release.