LA-Based Stylists Give Their Hair Trend Predictions For 2024

Fashion isn’t the only thing evolving…

Changing your hair signals a fresh start, a new beginning. Just a few weeks into 2024, now is the perfect time to consider if you are going to take that leap into a hair transformation.

As someone who can take months to make a hair decision, I know the fear of potential regret and the importance of getting good advice. Luckily, here at Loop Magazine, we have a network of accredited hair stylists to give their top hair trend predictions for 2024. Let these ideas serve as inspiration for your next salon visit.

Larisa Love

We love these insights from Larisa Love. A licensed hair artist who’s been in the industry for over a decade, she’s multi-faceted as a salon owner, designer, mentor, educator and Joico Brand Ambassador. She was born in Russia, but moved to the United States at six years old after her parents won the lottery system for a visa. She grew up in a sheltered Russian community and eventually moved out at 17 after being given an ultimatum to go to college and begin a more traditional career or leave her home.

She then pursued cosmetology school and began her career which now, 13 years in, has included accolades such as working at the Emmys and a Modern Salon feature. She has now amassed over 500k followers on Instagram posting about her career, life and different client transformations and tutorials. We are lucky that she’s shared her expertise for 2024 hair insights. Keep scrolling to see what she’s told Loop and check out her work on on Instagram at @larisadoll.


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Solid Soft Tones 

High contrast tones are out and soft solid or soft dimensional tones are in,” says Love. Expected popular colors include earthy soft brunette, similar to Hailey Bieber as well as soft golden blonde like Taylor Swift. Soft solid natural copper tones are also on the rise.


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Bright Cranberry Red

Looking for a more bold color? Then try out a cranberry red. Channel your inner Princess Ariel, and use the hair color to go after the world you want to be a part of. 


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Ribbons and Bows

Commiting to a hair color can be a big decision. Therefore, one can ease into a hair transformation by elevating their accessories. The ribbon and bows trend that increased in popularity last year is following into 2024 and might be the answer to the subtle change you are looking for.

Katerina Girshanina

Katerina Girshanina was also kind enough to share her input. She told Loop a little bit about herself, stating “I run Oaselle Salon in Tarzana and have been doing this for about eight years now. I’m really into hair trends, especially loving the blonde looks and natural colors these days. As for haircuts, curtain bangs and layers are my go-tos. I’m all about keeping it classic and chic.” 

These favorites are definitely reflected in her Instagram @hairbykaterina, where she showcases her brilliant work on clients, as well as accomplishments. She recently celebrated having her third magazine cover as she styled viral fitness trainer Irinina Ashtari for MALVIE Magazine

More portfolio work as well as salon announcements can be found on Girshanina’s company page @salonaselle. Keep scrolling to see this LA stylist’s 2024 prediction. 


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Natural, Warm Buttery Colors 

Girshanina affirms that people are most likely going to stray away from more striking or bold colors in 2024. The novelty of them is starting to wear off, and starting to be a little cumbersome to some people. She’s “observed an increasing number of people moving away from high-maintenance shades such as platinum blonde or black, month after month.” It seems we are entering the era of softness and subtlety. 

From soft tones to feminine bows, 2024 is definitely bringing in a new trend cycle. Feeling inspired? Try out some of these predictions the next time you book your stylist.