LA Fashion Week’s Show Stealers

Photography by Manny Llanura

The theme of the evening was anything but vintage…

Los Angeles Fashion Week has been making a splash in the fashion world with its top-tier production and its collection of upcoming-and-coming designers showcasing bold new looks. Joining the Hollywood glitterati who flocked to the Peterson Automotive Museum in early April, I waltzed through the glamorous foyer in vintage Gucci heels, imagining myself cruising down the French coast in one of the old-fashion cars on display for our viewing delight. But the theme of the evening was anything but ‘vintage.’ Instead, a menu of novel designers littered the runway with eye-catching, primary colors and audacious new looks.   

While each creative brought something fresh to the table – including a representative selection of models whose beauty knew no convention or boundary – the show stealers, for me, were Ron Tomson and Jimmy Paul.

Ron Tomson

Recently featured in British Vogue, Ron Tomson has a hot hold on the menswear scene, and for good reason. Designer Sharon Bensason-Behar – who named the brand to rhyme with pieces of his own given name – has a grown-and-sexy aesthetic while still keeping up with (or even leading) contemporary trends. His pieces have been worn by celebrities from Neyo and Jason Derulo to David Hasselhoff, and he explains that his ability to appeal across age ranges and demographics is largely due to his “obsession with the classic construction of tailored clothing.” And, let me go ahead and speak for all adult women when I say, we firmly approve! 

On the mid-city catwalk, Ron Tomson models donned double-breasted, ox blood suits fitted to perfection and paired with matching knit turtlenecks (which are available for purchase on the site). Accessorized with sunglasses, neon sweaters and the signature DTLA hoody accentuated puffed pectorals, while a leather trench caught the crowd’s attention. So, what Ron Tomson piece should every man have in his closet? You can’t go wrong with a grey N° 9981 OVERSIZED SWEATER. But for the fashion forward, I’m highly recommending a hot pink look with the N° 9984 FUZZY LONG CARDIGAN – take your styling cues from their well-adorned model. 


As a lover of Y2K fashion, girly girl looks, and bright colors, it seemed no surprise that the JimmyPaul show at LAFW was a favorite for me. Self-described as “the boarder between costume and fashion,” this line has made quite a splash with its Hello Kitty collaboration and ruffles galore. With a bodacious appearance at the 2019 London Fashion Week, the collection paid homage to the designer’s Asian heritage and “obsession with Japan.” 

I was most looking forward to seeing JimmyPaul’s 2022 take on colored furs, and I was anything but disappointed. Neon green and pink fur hats paraded down the runway paired with bow-covered co-ords that had me reaching for my camera phone. My personal favorite was a bright yellow, fur mini dress in a fit-and-flair meets skater silhouette with floral embellishments. Since the show, I’ve been refreshing their website and waiting for the drop – I’m planning to grab a bucket hat and – hey – who doesn’t need a plush, indigo fur coat for an LA winter! 

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