An Introduction: Get To Know The Spring 2024 LAFW Designers

We are one month out

Now that New York Fashion Week has wrapped up, it’s time for the West Coast to take its turn. LA Fashion Week is scheduled to take place Oct. 18-22, and 13 designers and brands have been announced to showcase their Spring 2024 collections over the event.

Within the last year, LAFW has been working to carefully select brands that celebrate diversity, LA designers, and an overall cohesive celebration of fashion. Here’s some details on the brands announced thus far.

Instagram/Imitation of Christ

Imitation of Christ

Imitation of Christ founded by Tara Subkoff is fashion designed for the “metaverse,” specializing in digital wearables and NFTs. The brand is all about shifting the mindset that the future is already here. IOC’s presentation is currently planned to be presented at an off-site venue for LA fashion week.

Instagram/Theophilio (photo by Oliver Hadlee Pearch)


Theophilo is an emerging brand by Edvin Thompson. The brand was recently in the media for being a co-designer of Naomi Campbell’s PrettyLittleThing collection. The first thing one notices about Theophilo is its variety of colors and fabrics from bright snakeskins to shimmering whites to earthy meshes; there’s a story behind each piece, perfectly encapsulating the idea of “a wearable biography.” The brand’s site uses the words from “Jamaica to New York,” showing the themes of an elevated street wear that pulls from both the Caribbean and the city. 

Instagram/Luis De Javier (photo by Luke Nugent)

Luis de Javier

Luis de Javier is the only international designer so far this year. This queer owned fashion brand is coming from across the pond, as it is based in London. Guests can expect to see themes of freedom and empowerment. When looking at the brand’s previous lines, one’s eye is immediately drawn to the prominent use of blacks and metallics with fabrics such as leather and latex. The vibes are definitely a mixture of BDSM and extraterrestrial fashion. 

Instagram/Sami Miró

Sami Miró

Returning to the LA fashion week stage is Sami Miró. This LA based brand is black-owned and ethically made. The brand just had its runway debut “Zero Waist” at NYFW. The 25 look line was filled with denim, cutouts, and innovation galore, as the line proved that ensembles can still be amazing without creating excess. Sami Miró prides itself on using high quality eco-fabrics including organic eucalyptus rub, organic hemp french terry, vintage denim, limited deadstock materials, and recycled nylon. LA anxiously awaits what fabric combos will appear on its stage. 



Looking at the Demobaza social media, one is immediately transported to an apocalyptic world with a variety of looks and ensembles having the background of a desolate landscape. The brand recently received hype for designing some of Beyoncé’s many Renaissance tour looks. Queen Bey herself was pictured in a white and nude jumpsuit, accessorized with white knee high boots and a black harness. A similar look was also created in pink!

Instagram/anOnlyChild (photo by Micaiah Carter)


Another LAFW returning guest is anOnlyChild. As the name implies, this brand is inspired by the creativity an only child possesses. This newer brand was just established in 2021 and has created countless sets and cohesive looks. Their most recent drop has centered around denim and 90s nostalgia. The collection was made ethically entirely from deadstock US denim, each piece hand washed and dyed in Brooklyn.

Instagram/Bruce Glen Collection. (photo by Alexa Jae)

Bruce Glen

Arguably the most colorful and joyful of the LAFW brands is Bruce Glen, designed by twins Bruce and Glen Proctor. The twins are both preachers and involved with spreading the love of the Christian gospel, and they started in the fashion world by working on House of Dereon, a fashion line by Beyoncé and her mother, Tina Knowles. However, this brand was eventually discontinued, and now the twins are showcasing their line in LA this year after initially debuting in New York for the Fall/Winter 2022 season.


Neon Cowboys

Switching it up a bit, LAFW is presenting Neon Cowboys. Neon Cowboys is a brand founded by Asia Hall in 2014 that started by tracing neon wire around the outline of a cowboy hat. Hall has since expanded to other accessories and ensembles, making the perfect pieces for festivals, concerts, and of course, Halloween. In the spring, the brand even partnered with artist Doechii to create a custom “D” belt buckle for one of her performance looks.



LA based brand TomBogo has definitely made its rounds this fashion season. The designer and founder Tommy Bogo has already debuted his collections at Paris Fashion Week in June and New York Fashion Week earlier this month. The brand’s collection for men is meant to reflect a variety of current events happening in the world and give themes of both utilitarian and sustainable streetwear.

Instagram/Sergio Hudson

Sergio Hudson

One of the biggest names this LA fashion week is Sergio Hudson. This designer won Bravo’s “Styled to Rock” 2013 season and creates elegant ready to wear women’s looks. According to the brand’s website, “elegance, poise, sophistication and confidence are evoked while boasting each and every piece.” Hudson’s work truly speaks for itself, as each piece is perfectly tailored and all the women who grace his clothes look like they just stepped out of Vogue whether it’s to grace the red carpet, go to a dinner party, or spend another day dominating their office.



Advisry is more than just a fashion brand. Founded by Keith Herron when he was just 14 years old, Advisry has experience in multimedia including film, music, and even a radio station. When looking at fashion, there is a sense of editorial streetwear through the mixed use of silhouettes, patterns, and fabrics. The brand aims to mix formal and prep styles, occasionally alluding to old Hollywood glamor.

Instagram/Nosesso (photo by Kai, the Black Angel)

No Sesso

No Sesso is a gender neutral label and made history by being the first transgender designer to present at New York Fashion Week. Looking at its media, No Sesso seems to primarily use nylon, latex, leather, and occasionally denim. The cut outs and silhouettes create an otherworldly feel that only the most confident could wear. Their latest drop features the No Sesso Carry bag, a small purse with a cylinder like shape and shoulder long strap that comes in a variety of colors.

Instagram/Kwame Adusei

Kwame Adusei

Founded in 2021, Kwame Adusei was founded by Nana Kwame Adusei. It’s a big year for the designer as the brand just opened a boutique store at Beverly Hills. Originally from Ghana, the Adusei aims to create timeless and elegant pieces and is inspired by Africa and glamor. When looking at the media, one is reminded of the lifestyle of a New York City girl. The pieces are stunning!