Learn The Secret To Sabrina Carpenter’s Vanity Fair’s Oscars After Party Blow Out

Your hair will look as light as a ‘feather’

2024 just might be Sabrina Carpenter’s year. The “Feather” singer has made a name for herself not only as Taylor Swift’s opening act for the Eras Tour, but also becoming a beauty community icon with her signature pink glowy makeup and long blonde hair that always showcases her bangs styled to perfection. 

The Vanity Fair Oscars After Party was no exception as Carpenter attended the event in a leather black bodysuit with an overlay, and of course a voluminous blowout.

Loop received the breakdown of how celebrity hair stylist Scott King used the newest Function of Beauty Products to achieve the red carpet look. Keep scrolling to get a step by step product breakdown, so your hair can also look as light as a feather. 


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Prepping The Hair

On Carpenter’s damp hair, King first added the Prime Time Styling and Heat Protectant Primer. This primer is formulated with rice seed protein and artichoke leaf extract, creating a heat protection for up to 450 degrees and 24 hour frizz control. This primer can be combined with the Function of Beauty Hair Goal Boosters, which is exactly what King did. 

King specifically used the deep condition, lengthen, and volumize hair goal boosters shoots. The deep condition shot specifically uses apple fruit extract to moisturize, condition the hair, and repair it from any heat or chemical damages. The lengthen goal booster is formulated with hops extract, while the volumize booster is formulated with amaranth seed extract.

Function of Beauty Prime Time Styling & Heat Protectant Primer


Function of Beauty Deep Condition #HairGoal Add-In Booster Treatment Shots 


Function of Beauty Lengthen #HairGoal Add-In Booster Treatment Shots


Function of Beauty Volumize #HairGoal Add-In Booster Treatment Shots


Blowing Out The Hair 

After blowing out the singer and actress’s hair and setting it in rollers, King used the Hold It Together Finishing Hair Spray. This product is formulated with Green Tea Extract, creating a 24 hour anti-frizz as well as a natural looking finish without adding extra crunch found in competing hairsprays. 

The Hold It Together Spray can also be combined with three booster shots, and with this product King opted for the anti-frizz, strengthen, and once again volumize booster. The anti-frizz booster is made with beet root extract, combating not only frizz but also static and breakage. The strengthen booster uses pea root extract that not only helps with elasticity and resilience, but also provides protein protection against future breakage. 

Function of Beauty Hold it Together Finishing Hair Spray


Function of Beauty Anti-frizz #HairGoal Add-In Booster Treatment Shots


Function of Beauty Strengthen #HairGoal Add-In Booster Treatment Shots


The Final Touches

After letting the hair set, King took the rollers down and brushed them out. He then used a healthy amount of the Detox Everything Dry Shampoo starting at the roots all the way to the ends for some added volume and texture. 

He then did one last spray of the Hold It Together Hairspray, and Carpenter was off for another glamorous night.

Function of Beauty Detox Everything Dry Shampoo Normal to Dry