Living in Jeans: The Best Jeans for Fall in LA

Photo by Rachel Claire via Pexels

Here’s what you need for Fall styles…

It’s the pumpkin spice season again and brrr it’s getting a little bit colder in LA; it makes you want to just huddle up in comfort wear. Jeans are perfect for this because it’s a layer warmer than leggings and a lot safer than trying to get into Catch with sweatpants. Basically, you can dress them up or down and it’s great for any occasion. Not to mention, Jeans and corsets seems to be all the rage for a cool night out. Anyway, I don’t need to school you on jeans. They are everyone’s go-to and we’ve all got our special pair or two which we reach for on those days when we don’t feel our best. I know that I personally still hold onto a few pairs that are coming close to their 5-year birthday, but they fit just right and have never gone out of fashion, and most importantly make me feel comfortable. That being said, I do have a few skinnies which highlight my shape and make be feel sexy – they might not be the most comfortable, but they look damn good so I’m willing to put up with the pain.  

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With November nearing, it’s now time to add some new staples to your closet, and I’ve put together the perfect list of goodies of our favorite jean cuts. These include on trend styles for the season in LA and I’ve even added some fall-flavor jeans to get you in to the mood for Thanksgiving! Themed party anyone?!

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