Lybethras: An International Collection for an LA Summer

Lybethras means “source of muses”​ in Latin because we think every woman is a muse.

While Labor Day is swiftly approaching, swimsuit season in Los Angeles is far from over. Our So Cal summer lasts long into October with Santa Ana winds blowing in hot streaks all year. So, while ladies nationwide are watching the YouTube videos of Swim Week 2022 shows and picking out vacation wear, we Angelenos browse with everyday use in mind, and one current must-cop brand is Brazilian-made Lybethras

Featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for 14 years, Lybethras captivated the fashion world with their collection of microkinis and cheeky, Brazilian-cut bottoms long before thongs became the norm. In fact, if you’re looking for skimpy suits, you can even shop the SI Collection on their site. This year, designers Luciana and Anna Martinez wowed once again on both coasts with a LA Swim Week show that went viral on YouTube and the incorporation of NFT art in Miami. Model Kayla Hodges strutted the catwalk for Lybethras’ East Coast show in a black suit with gold metal chains while a digital art piece by Beryl Bilici displayed behind her. Like the line itself, the NFT art was intended to empower women, recognizing that each model has a compelling story all their own. Whether its risqué designs or innovative displays, it stands to say that Lybethras has always been ahead of the times. 

As the Swim Week season came to a close, we sat down with the Brazilian designers to chat about their brand, and they even provided a full styling suggestion for a Los Angeles day party – sounds like Skybar is calling! Check out what she had to say and then get to shopping:

Luciana, left | Anna, right

As a designer and brand owner, what inspires you? 

Our 2022 collection is inspired in our international trips. We want to take a little bit of the world in our collections but always with a Brazilian touch. 

Who are your favorite designers and why- both in Swim and fashion generally?

In swim, we simply love Lisa Marie Fernandez and Melissa Odabash. They have unique styles and a contemporary-fashion vibe. In the fashion world, we love Valentino, Christian Dior, and Helmut Lang. We love how they use handmade details and use their creativity to make everything so unique and chic. 

What makes Lybethras unique from other bikini lines?

In Lybethras we have original styles made with sustainable fabrics. We include many handmade details as well as laser detailing that makes everything unique to Lybethras. Also, our pieces are very versatile and our muses can wear items both on the beach and for dinner, etc. 

Your suits really show off the female form in a beautiful way– how do you feel about women displaying confidence in their bodies through fashion? How do your line to make women feel? 

In Latin, Lybethras means “source of muses” because we think every woman is a muse. We want women to feel so beautiful and empowered while donning our bikinis. We value comfortable styles – even in our micro bikinis – that make women feel secure showing off their bodies, regardless of body type. 

If you could choose one celebrity to be spotted in a Lybethras suit, who would that be and why? 

Jennifer Lopez because she is such a strong female figure and represents Latina women. I can picture her in the Anita Black Bikkini Set or – from the ’22 line and recent runway show – our black bikini with turquoise handmade details.  I can imagine either would fit perfectly and she could rock them on one of her trips around the world.

If you were to style an Los Angeles influencer for a daytime pool party, which items would you choose ? 

We would select our white coverup that showed in Miami recently. It gives a really chic vibe and is also very Brazilian. And pair that with the Siren and Kona White Ribbed Lurex Bikini.


What was a highlight of your show at LA Swim Week? Miami Swim Week?

A highlight of LA Swim Week was actually part of the aftermath. The YouTube video of our runway show in LA went viral [with over 700,000 views], and that was really exciting to see. It’s hard to pick a highlight for Miami because just being there for the third year was so amazing. The show was completely full!

What’s next for Lybethras?

We are developing another collection for our next fashion show in Israel during which we will start developing a partnership with this country, meaning we will be selling to 29 countries in total! We are super excited to show everyone this new line.