Mean Girls Fashion: A Modern Shopping Guide To Looking Perfectly Plastic

Photo Credit: White Fox Boutique

You’re like really pretty…

One of the hallmarks of an iconic movie is the costume design. Two decades later, Mean Girls has passed the test with flying colors as old fans and new fans continually try to recreate the looks. If you are like us, you are extremely excited for the Mean Girls musical coming to theaters this Friday. 

To celebrate the movie’s upcoming release, we’ve curated a shopping guide of perfectly plastic fashion that pays homage to the 2004 movie, but also brings in some modern fashion trends and concepts. As in the movie, what goes around comes around, so luckily the original looks are still in style in 2024 (a true testament to how outstanding the production is). However, we have some ideas of what today’s Regina George, Karen Smith and Gretchen Weiner would shop for from some affordable everyday brands to the splurges from their parents. Therefore, embrace your inner plastic and check out some of the pieces below.


For those casual Fridays where you are allowed to wear pants or a track suit, consider bringing in this adorable pink cropped hoodie. Of course pink is a requirement on Wednesdays, but there is no Plastic fashion rule against wearing it other days of the week.

SNDYS x REVOLVE Adelina Skirt


If there was one staple fashion piece from Mean Girls, it was mini-skirts, and we are a fan of this pink satin one. The asymmetrical hem adds the right touch of uniqueness that you’ll surely turn heads in the lunchroom.

Oh Polly Eugenie A-Line Mini Dress 


Need a dress for a special occasion? Whether it’s the spring formal or a night in the town, this a-line mini dress is perfect. It looks like it’s made for Spring Fling Queen.

Victoria’s Secret Adore Me Primrose Sleep Dress


If you are a hard core girl, you can wear this dress on Halloween with a pair of animal ears. Don’t worry, no other girl can judge you that day of the year. However, this dress can definitely serve a purpose all year round as the perfect nightgown or potentially risqué little black dress.

White Fox Just A Little Long Sleeve Mini Dress 


This dress is totally grool and totally gives it-girl vibes. If you were Regina George, this dress would definitely be talked about in your opening montage.

Kimchi Blue Violetta Strapless Bow Mini Dress


This dress is channeling a more casual version of Regina’s Spring Fling dress. All it’s missing is the back brace! Don’t worry though, you’ll still turn heads without the “just got hit by a bus” story.

Abercrombie Crew Pearl Button Cardigan


The Plastics definitely have a preppy style, so it only makes sense that a cardigan is included. We love this option because the pearl buttons make the cardigan a little different than the other options. It’s easy to style over the shoulders or wear it over your favorite top.

Francesca’s Stella Collared Zip Up Cardigan


If you definitely want to lean into the preppy Plastic style, this zip up is also a great option from the color to the silhouette. Pair it with your favorite mini skirt, and choose the one day a week you wear a ponytail, so you can show off the collar.

Miu Miu Velvet Top


To show off their social and financial status, the Plastics would occasionally throw in a designer piece. Gen Z currently loves Miu Miu, and we think the Plastics would have fun shopping the pieces they have to offer. This bow velvet top would definitely see the inside of North Shore High. 


This branded top would also be iconic on the plastics. It pairs well with any color and style, especially pink and mini-skirts. We think it’s so fetch!

Vivienne Westwood Sunday Corset Top


Vivienne Westwood is also popular with Gen Z, and this corset could easily be a staple in a Plastic’s wardrobe. The red is perfect for all seasons, but especially in Christmas as it matches all the Candy Grams you will be getting.

Steve Madden Viable Black Heels


The Plastic shoe of choice is  a high heel, and we love these Steve Madden black bow ones that have been showing up all around Pinterest and social media. Obviously the Plastics would want to show off having the aesthetic coveted shoe and wear it to their next date or party.

Sam Edelman Hazel Pointed Toe Pump


Heels are also a go-to for school. Sorry flat shoes, there is not a lot of love for you. This pink pump is just casual enough for sitting in Ms. Norbury’s class.

Coach Hamptons Bag


Get in, loser, we’re going shopping! But of course, you cannot go to the mall without a handbag. This coach option is a great choice. It comes in pink, but if you feel like adding some variety to your Plastic wardrobe, experiment with other colors.

Prada Re-Edition Saffiano Leather Mini Bag


Everyone loves a Prada shoulder bag, and we think the Plastics do too! This mini-bag is a great pick for your shopping trip or trip to Regina’s house.

Kimchi Blue Bianca Bow Cami


Another staple in early 2000s and plastics fashion is tank tops. With bows being a top trend right now, this piece perfectly combines the past and present together. We don’t think anyone can make a Burn Book comment about this piece.

Princess Polly Dos Fitted Cami 


Another tank top option is this lacy blue cami. It’s not your fault everyone will be like in love with you when you wear it.