Meet Nokki Cabrera: The Singer Who Is Making The Dance Floor Hot

“Trap Salsa is about love, optimism, living your life to the fullest, seeing the beauty in things, and never taking anything for granted”

Nokki Cabrera brings the fire and beat in her debut album Trap Salsa. She is a Cuban American singer, actress and model who grew up in Miami. Her music is a testament and tribute to the multifaceted aspects of her culture and lineage. Born to immigrant parents that fled to America from Cuba to escape Fidel Castro’s reign, she was raised with an understanding of a hard work ethic. “I had a blessed childhood, my parents worked really hard to make sure my brother and I were always good. My mom & dad taught me a lot of morals, standards and values at a very young age.” 

Growing up she remembers the Latin artists such as Celia Cruz, Willie Colón, and Gloria Estefan that would come to influence her own diverse and dynamic music. She embraces her Cuban heritage with her unique fusion of Salsa, Pop, R&B, and rap-styled beats that blend into her sound, a mix that makes it impossible to not get up a groove to. Honoring her diverse upbringing, the name Cabrera comes from her mother’s maiden name. It is a way for her to share her story and offer amazing music for people to dance to and feel good. This is how she honors her parents, ancestors, Cuba and the latin music she grew up with. She first began to make music her sophomore year of high school. She would put tracks out on Soundcloud and her friends continued to hype her up to keep creating. 

“Trap Salsa is about love, optimism, living your life to the fullest, seeing the beauty in things, and never taking anything for granted” says Nokki Cabrera. “When people listen to this project, pray they feel confident, embraced, and loved. I want people to feel light and to want to express themselves in positive ways.” The 6 tracks on her first album achieve this and more, let’s just say it is the perfect vibe for the end of summer. The energetic and fun sound showcases traditional salsa music with heavily influenced American trap music, further sharing Nokki’s talent and diversification as an artist. It is exciting to see her lean into her Latin roots, we are excited to see her music career take off. 

Her approach as a musician is honest and allows her to express herself fully. “The world inspires me, nature, how big and powerful the divine spirit is, is inspirational. The fact that we can keep unlocking different levels to life and spirituality, it’s infinite. Love inspires me, it also inspires me to hear that I’ve inspired others, that feeling is priceless” Nokki Cabrera shares with Loop Mag. Dive into her album, dance, chill, drive, it’s the kind of music you’ll want to have on repeat! Read on for an exclusive Nokki x Loop Mag Q&A!! 

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time I like to draw, write, meditate, do yoga, go on hikes and I like to cook  🙂 

What are you living by and carrying with you coming out of the pandemic? 

This pandemic has actually brought out the best of me, I’ve had more time to really hustle and grind, be more present on social media and get super creative with it all. I’m a optimistic person so I always try to see the beauty in things. Everything is temporary and things are what you make them. 

Favorite bars/restaurants? 

I’m not a big drinker, I’d rather have more of an intimate vibe with friends at the house if I’m drinking. But I love this spot by my house called Protini, they have the best acai bowls and I also love Kreation soo yummy. 

Summer plans?

My plans this summer is to keep pushing my new EP Trap Salsa and connecting with the Latin community.

What are you working on?

Well I’m constantly making new music at the studio and just staying focused on my creativity! 

What are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to being able to perform I think it’ll be such a dope way to connect with my supporters and new listeners

How can people stay updated on what you’re up to?

People can stay updated by following me on social media, I’m very involved on both of my Instagram and Facebook stories as well as Youtube!

Listen to Trap Salsa here! Also available on Apple music. 

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