New Restaurant & Immersive Cocktail Lounge 4 Shore Opens In Long Beach

French Italian Fine Dining + Killer Cocktails.

Embarking on a new venture in hospitality, esteemed sports business executive, Joshua Sanchez, introduces 4 Shore, an elevated fine dining restaurant and immersive cocktail lounge where culinary excellence and innovative mixology meets chic ambiance. Located in the coveted neighborhood of Naples in Long Beach, 4 Shore officially opened its doors on May 10.

“Growing up here, I’m excited to bring 4 Shore to the beautiful community of Long Beach,” says Sanchez. “This has been a passion project and dream come true with collaborative efforts in taking the time and dedication in this next venture to open a restaurant where I want people to genuinely love and enjoy.”  

The contemporary concept brings a modern elegant vibe to the Southern California destination, with curated food menus by Chef Jared Ventura and overseen by Executive Chef Ben Davenport, featuring a culinary journey showcasing succulent cuts of premium meats, delicate seafood delights, exquisite handmade pasta, and more. 

 “I wanted to focus on dishes that discerning Long Beach diners will appreciate and be excited to experience,” says Chef Ventura. “I want dishes that reflect the beautiful dining room we have. I poured my years of experience in French and Italian fine dining into a menu that reflects my passions as a Chef. A menu that my Chef team is excited to cook every night. I hope it’s a menu that Long Beach and the surrounding communities will embrace with curiosity and excitement.”

Signature menu creations include starters such as Japanese Yellowtail Crudo (pomegranate, trout roe, apple, dill), Cherry Tomato Burrata (grapes, burrata cheese, basil, sour dough), Fresh Tagliatelle Pasta (truffle cream, parmigiana froth), Scallop Plate (cauliflower, charred cabbage, eggplant, verjus butter), Risotto (poached shrimp, shitake, shrimp bisque froth) Royal Kaluga Hybrid Caviar (potato beignet, crème fraiche) and more.

Standout main entrees include Chicken Presse (potato, braised cabbage, pan jus), Seabass (Snap peas, cauliflower, buerre rouge), Lamb Saddle (Lentils, nduja jus, swiss chard, Poached Salmon (polenta, tomato, fennel, smoked egg), Beef Strip Loin (kale, potato, mushroom, béarnaise), and for stand out desserts sweet treats like Olive Oil Cake (raspberry mousse, white chocolate), Caramelized Pineapple Custard (caramelized pineapple, coconut lime granita), and Chocolate Torte (almond sable, salted vanilla, cognac sauce) are not to be missed.

“Being a local resident in Long Beach for almost a decade, having immense passion and dedication for the culinary arts, I know deep in my heart that Long Beach is well overdue for a beautiful place like 4 Shore,” says Chef Davenport. “Get ready to embrace the journey as 4 Shore LA welcomes you to indulge in the artistry of culinary excellence. I am humbled and honored to give our diners an unforgettable experience and a destination where every meal becomes a cherished memory.“

With a special focus on crafted spirits and cocktails, the intimate bar at 4 Shore will offer an avant-garde sanctuary where mixology is elevated to an art form. Overseen by master mixologist Walker Marsh and skilled bartenders who expertly blend rare spirits, house-made infusions, and fresh, exotic ingredients to craft cocktails that are as visually stunning as they are tantalizing to the taste buds.

Specialty themed cocktails include the Chamoshore (Tito’s Vodka, green apple cordial, chamomile, lime, dolin blanc), Heat Wave (Mi Campo Tequila, lime, aji amarillo, passion fruit, italicus), Lagoon Luxe (Hennessy Cognac, caramelized pineapple, lemon, falernum, Strega), Fig Old Fashioned (Nelson Greenbrier bourbon, burnt fig, zucca amaro, bitters), Buongiorno Adios (400 Canejos, cynar, punt e mes, campari, cucumber), Kyoto Kiss (St. George Terroir, strawberry ginger, lemon, sparkling sake), Espresso Martini (Remy Martin Cognac, black sesame, black hjerte, cream sherry, cold brew) and Tart Cherry Bliss (Mt Gay rum, tart cherry, lemon, vanilla, almond, maple, pineapple).

“Being born and raised in Long Beach it’s so special to take the knowledge I’ve built working in some incredible bars and restaurants in Los Angeles, and bringing it back home,” says Marsh. “This menu is a celebration of joy, community and flavor. I’m so excited to share these with the community.”

Sanchez will also showcase at 4 Shore his personalized branded wine that he created with friends back in 2020 called LB Uvas, with their Pinot Noir 2021, which profiles a silky texture and juicy acidity with notes of strawberries, brown sugar and dark chocolate, and Sauvignon Blanc 2021, portraying a vibrant and smooth, delicate combination of pineapple, lychee and mango.

At 4 Shore, whether you prefer a classic martini, a bespoke craft creation, a savory dinner or a carefully curated wine from the extensive cellar, every sip and delectable bite is an adventure in itself, promising to elevate spirits for an overall indulgent experience with family and friends.   

Sanchez adds, “We look forward to warmly welcome everyone and want our guests at 4 Shore to feel like they’ve had an overall pleasurable experience with its intimate indulgences and memorable flavors.”


4 Shore
5716 2nd St, Long Beach

4 Shore is open daily seven days a week for dinner reservations starting at 5 p.m. – 10 p.m., Sunday – Thursday, and on weekends Friday- Saturday 5 p.m. – 12 a.m., with Happy Hours on weekdays offering a limited bar menu with light bites and drink specials. 

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