New Year, New Waves: Inside The Palm Springs Surf Club

Droppin’ in Jan. 1, 2024 .….

The Palm Springs Surf Club prepares to officially open its doors to the public on Jan. 1, 2024, ushering in a new class of entertainment and hospitality.

The groundbreaking development is set to introduce world-class surfing to Southern California’s most frequented and unexpected destination – the desert. PSSC guests will experience the perfect engineered wave ranging from two to seven feet in a state-of-the-art wave pool. In addition to surfing, guests will enjoy world-class dining venues, waterslides, lounge pools, a lazy river, indoor/outdoor event venues, and a social club with bottle service and a complete viewing deck.

In 2018, Cheyne Magnusson, the original wave curator in Waco, Texas, and Kalani Robb, a surf icon, got together and partnered with James Dunlop to build a next-generation wave prototype in the original Wet ‘N’ Wild waterpark in Palm Springs, Calif. In 2019, the test pool was successfully brought to life, prompting an invitation to investor and tech executive Vinny Smith to experience the wave.

Smith brought in hotel developers Tim and Colin O’Byrne to help create the incredible destination it is today. Cheyne’s previous experience of operating the surf experience at the pool in Waco was also pivotal in creating the park.

“Opening The Palm Springs Surf Club marks the realization of a dream that was once unimaginable – catching waves in the desert,” said Smith. “We have assembled a passionate team to create an extraordinary space that will provide world-class entertainment and bring together people from within and beyond the surf community.”

He continued, “Much appreciation goes out to the hundreds of people who worked on the site over the past couple of years. This team took a dilapidated park that was built in the late 1970s and created what you see today. To make things even more challenging, Cheyne, Tim and Colin drove this effort during the COVID years, an extremely difficult time to complete such a huge project.”

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Situated just a short drive from Los Angeles and minutes away from downtown Palm Springs, PSSC spans 21 acres and combines the finest features of resort and leisure attractions, creating a vibrant community-based destination centered around surfing and the beach lifestyle. While the motto emphasizes that surfing can be for everyone, non-surfers are also catered to with a range of additional attractions and offerings. 

Enhancing the visitor experience, large LED displays are strategically placed throughout the club, capturing and projecting the dynamic surf action, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the excitement.

PSSC is redefining the surf pool landscape with its advanced pneumatic wave technology, pioneered by industry veteran Tom Lochtefeld, the founder of Surfloch Wave Systems. This innovative technology offers on-demand, customizable waves designed by expert surfers to cater to varying skill levels, ensuring a memorable surfing experience for all.

Accommodating up to 25 surfers simultaneously, the park’s waves are not only pre-programmed for individual preferences but are also a testament to sustainable practices. PSSC stands out for using just 1% of the water volume required by a typical golf course while generating over 70% of its energy resources in-house.

Though crowds will come out to surf and watch the waves, guests visiting the facility will also have access to a lazy river, waterslide attractions (opening later in 2024), cabana rentals and more.

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Amala restaurant will provide sustainable eating options that will fuel a day of surfing and play. The open indoor/outdoor design is the perfect place to relax and take in the club’s desert surroundings. Three full bars with custom cocktails and beers on draft will round out the beverage offerings on-site. Guests are welcome to visit Amala for the restaurant experience and forgo the park entrance fee.

Those hitting the waves or lounging poolside can also grab a quick bite at Drifter’s, the club’s second restaurant on-site. The retail store will have a curated selection of wetsuits, clothing and accessories.

A wide selection of rental boards will be available for surf session reservations with a variety of boards available for purchase as well. Riding the wave starts at $100 for beginners (group of 12), $150 for intermediates (group of 12), and $200 for the advanced (group of 9).

“We’re thrilled to bring this unique desert surf experience to life,” Tim O’Byrne, developer of The Palm Springs Surf Club, expressed his enthusiasm. “Whether you’re an avid surfer, a beginner, or someone who simply loves to watch this spectacular sport, The Palm Springs Surf Club has something for everyone.”

He continued, “Surfing is a mesmerizing sport to watch, and at PSSC, the experience of observing surfers ride world-class waves against the stunning backdrop of the Palm Springs Mountains is unparalleled. We’ve invested over $80 million to turn this park into a top-tier entertainment destination.”

Winter club entry starts at just $20 and reservations can be booked at

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Palm Springs Surf Club
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Palm Springs, CA 92264

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