Paramount To Create ‘90s Boy Band Documentary Featuring *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys & More

This documentary is about to be Larger Than Life…

Today we have bands such as BTS and Stray Kids. 10 years ago we had One Direction and Big Time Rush in their peak. We’ve seen lots of eras of boy bands, but nothing seems exactly the same as the ’90s and early 2000s when boy bands were truly in their prime. 

*NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block; these were the names that dominated 20-30 years ago and still have a chokehold on so many music lovers. But why? Paramount Studios is aiming to find out as they have officially greenlit a documentary that will focus on the sensations of ’90s boy bands.

The behind the scenes crew for this project are just as sensational as its subjects. Johnny Wright, former manager of New Kids on the Block, *NSYNC, and Britney Spears serves as co-producer and Tamra Davis, former music video director for bands such as New Kids on the Block will direct.

Paramount is teaming up with Gunpowder & Sky, an entertainment studio that focuses on music projects and documentaries such as the 2023 series I Wanna Rock: The ‘80s Metal Dream.

 “The ’90s boy band era made an indelible impact and will be forever woven into the pop culture landscape,” Bruce Gilmer, Paramount’s president of music, music talent, programming and events and Paramount+’s chief content officer of music said in a statement. “Boy bands remain bonafide global sensations to this day, as seen in the fan frenzy heard around the world during *NSYNC’s on-stage reunion at this year’s VMAs and the ever-spreading domination of K-Pop’s biggest groups like BTS, Stray Kids and TXT.”

The currently nameless documentary dives deep into boy bands. It plans to not only focus on archival songs and footage as well as interviews, but also the period before that and the impact of groups such as The Jackson 5. 

Given the September excitement of *NSYNCs reunion for their new song “Better Place,” there is no doubt this documentary will bring in fans from all over the world.

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