Safely Soak Up The Sun: Shop 15 SPF Products

Sunburns are never in style…..

If there is one piece of beauty advice we hear over and over is WEAR SUNSCREEN! As simple as it sounds, incorporating SPF products into your daily routine is one of the best—and easiest—ways to protect your skin’s appearance and health at any age. Used regularly, they can prevent sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging. And particularly in the summer, when we are outside pool partying or backyard barbecuing, our skin is exposed to damage.

So what exactly is SPF? Sun Protection Factor represents a sunscreen’s ability to protect against a specific portion of ultraviolet (UV) light called UVB. UVB rays are responsible for sunburns and skin cancer. There are two other portions of UV light: UVC rays (which don’t pass the earth’s atmosphere) and UVA rays (which are also responsible for skin cancer as well as skin aging). A product that is labeled broad spectrum will protect against both UVB and UVA rays.

And don’t worry, you don’t grease yourself up with heavy-duty, chemical-infested sunscreens to stay safe. There are plenty light, wearable products made for your face and body that will help you catch some rays without catching a sunburn, or worse. 

From powdered sunscreen to hydrating lip masques, shop 15 cruelty-free products, each offering SPF protection below.

PLAY Everyday Lotion SPF 50, Supergoop!


This clean, dermatologist-tested sunscreen lotion is perfect for active days in the sun. With high-performance protection against UV AND infrared radiation, Supergoop!’s formula nourishes skin with proven ingredients while also helping to prevent photoaging and dehydration. The brand also formulated it to be water+sweat-resistant for 80 minutes, so it’s perfect for a day of play (especially activities like running or going to the beach), and it also smells amazing!

Dual Defender SPF 30, SLMD Skincare


From “Dr. Pimple Popper” herself, Dr. Sandra Lee’s SLMD Skincare double-duty formula for your face features lightweight moisture—ideal for acne-prone skin— plus broad-spectrum sunscreen protection with SPF 30. The reef-safe product is oil-free and non-comedogenic, providing essential hydration and moisture for overall skin health. Plus, its powerful antioxidants guard against DNA-damaging free radicals.

Solar Stick SPF 40, MDSolarSciences


This small but mighty mineral sunscreen stick wins awards every year as the best mineral SPF stick. MDSolarSciences’ non-whitening broad-spectrum formula applies flawlessly and delivers powerful mineral protection in a convenient portable form. It easily fits into your travel bag or purse so you never leave home without SPF. Plus, its water resistant up to 80 minutes and safe for sensitive skin.

Sunshine Warrior Sunscreen Super Spray SPF 50, Vita Sea


If you love spray-on sunscreen, Vita Sea’s will be your new fav. Goes on effortlessly, without a sticky residue. Delightfully moisturizing and smells absolutely heavenly. No one will complain when it’s time to sunscreen-up!

Sensitif Eye Cream SPF Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Sunscreen, RéVive


RéVive lightweight eye cream is formulated with non-irritating 100% mineral sunscreen that protects the delicate eye area from sun exposure and premature aging. With caffeine and prebiotics, this advanced formula helps brighten the eye area and balance the skin’s microbiome. Moisturizing actives shea butter and avocado help hydrate skin around the eye area. Antioxidants Vitamin E, calendula, and ginger root xxtract help protect the skin from free radical and blue light damage. ReVive’s signature Bio-Renewal Protein, bio-calming ingredients and Niacinamide help diminish the appearance of fine lines, crepiness and crow’s feet, leaving the eye area looking renewed and younger.

Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40, ILIA


No need to add makeup with ILIA’s award-winning tinted serum, which boasts a light, dewy coverage, mineral SPF, and potent levels of skincare ingredients. Oil-free, cruelty-free and vegan, it’s clinically proven to hydrate, protect, and improve the appearance of pores, blemishes, redness, and wrinkles with every wear. Choose from 30 shades that blend in seamlessly for skin that looks and feels alive.

Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush-On Shield SPF 50, Colorscience


Hate using messy creams or sprays? Try brushing on your SPF. Powered by EnviroScreen Technology, Colorescience Sunforgettable brushes offer powerful, all-mineral skin shield with complete protection in one convenient, easy-to-apply, portable application. It’s actually the only powder sunscreen recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for Active use and is 100% chemical-free. The powder boasts a hydrating and antioxidant-rich formula and the antimicrobial bristles help protect the brush and maintain freshness. It’s event water/sweat-resistant up to 80 minutes. Apply as your last layer of protection in the morning (it works great over makeup) and reapply at least every two hours throughout the day for continued protection.

Algae + Zinc Sea Kale Sunscreen Serum SPF 30, Mara


This standout product is an oil-based facial serum with SPF 30 Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection and good for all skin types, especially dry, sensitive and mature skin. Mara’s Algae + Zinc Sea Kale Sunscreen Serum works to protect and hydrate skin thanks to a lightweight formula consisting of algae, zinc, blue sea kale and hemp seed. This daily sunscreen is made with Mara’s GlowDefense™ technology using 100% mineral, non-nano zinc oxide for broad spectrum SPF 30 sun protection, and restorative moringa, rich in vitamin C offers a dewy finish. Additionally, maritime botanicals work to calm skin and improve the appearance of redness, while protecting from blue light, and raspberry seed oil helps naturally boost environmental protection. This facial sunscreen absorbs quickly with no white residue left behind.

Isle Glow Body Lotion SPF 45, Cay Skin


From Winnie Harlow’s Cay Skin line, this is one of our favorite daily glow-boosting body sunscreens. The pearlescent, lightweight and hydrating Broad Spectrum sunscreen illuminates all skin tones with a neutral pearl for an instant island glow without the glitter or white cast. It’s infused with nourishing island-based ingredients like nutrient-rich Sea Moss, inspired by the supermodel’s Jamaican heritage, plus soothing Sunflower Oil and Cocoa Seed Butter.

Mineral Ally Hydra Lip Masque SPF 15, Soleil Toujours


This balm is the ultimate SPF luxury for lips.
Soleil TourJour’s 100% mineral sunscreen lip mask boasts peptides and organic oils to protect, boost collagen, create volume and deeply hydrate the lips.
The tack-free formula glides on smoothly and envelops lips in an antioxidant-rich moisture barrier. Tri-peptides and hyaluronic filling spheres stimulate collagen and gently plump for a more youthful pout. Wear alone or over a favorite lip color.

Everyday Anti-Aging Face Moisturizer SPF 37, Oars + Alps


Guys, listen up. Your skin needs love too and no, just spraying your generic body sunscreen on your face in the summer won’t do. Oars + Alps’ moisturizer works triple duty to keep your skin hydrated all day long, protect you from the sun with SPF 37 and defend your skin against signs of aging. It’s light, oil-free and won’t leave your skin greasy or shiny. The formula is infused with moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidant-rich Alpine Caribou Moss™, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 to leave your skin smooth, seriously hydrated and ready for the day.

Tattoo Sunscreen Moisturizing Balm SPF 50, Coral Safe


If you rock some tatts, your skin will need extra protection in the sun to preserve its ink. Coral Safe’s Tattoo Balm is specially formulated with natural ingredients to protect and nourish your body art. The balm includes allantoin, a natural extract, helps to soothe and moisturize, while rich ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter work to keep your tattoos looking vibrant and healthy. The balm, which is also reef safe, goes on smoothly and dries quickly, providing superior sun protection for your skin.

Golden Glow Body Sunscreen SPF 50, Naked Sundays


Say hello to golden protected limbs. Naked Sundays’ Hydrating SPF 50 Shimmery Gold Body Sunscreen is infused with green tea extract to multitask as your firming lotion and body hydrating cream with high performance SPF, and shimmery gold flecks to give you a perfecting skin finish.

Sun Lip Balm SPF 15, HURRAW!


Often people forget their lips when it comes to protecting their skin. HURRAW!’s mineral based SPF 15 Sun Balm glides on silky smooth and is formulated extra thick and creamy for longer staying power while out in those shining rays. And it smells pretty amazing with juicy tangerine and hints of vanilla. It’s also packed full of amazing cold pressed oils to moisturize and protect.

Day SPF 30 & Night Organic Eye Cream Duo, Coola


Can you believe your eyes? This organic eye cream duo contains two cutting-edge formulas that work together to provide around-the-clock protection. Both creams feature Coola’s plant-derived BlueScreen Digital De-Stress technology that helps mitigate free radical damage from blue light, pollution, and fatigue. The Vitamin C-infused day cream protects with SPF 30 and helps reduce the look of dark circles and fine lines, while the Resveratrol-infused night cream helps revive and restore stressed skin overnight.

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