In The Shadow: Take a look inside the digital social group platform

"Shadow wants to create a community of people that are lifting each other up"

It’s another Thursday evening in Los Angeles.

You approach the entrance to what can only be discerned as a shady adult video rental store located off Sunset and La Brea. Inside the walls are littered with dated pornographic cut outs and a plethora of must see classics on VHS.

It’s safe to say; this doesn’t seem like the best place to begin your night.

You would be wrong.

Venture further in past the red curtains and this sordid facade to find a complete juxtaposition; a hidden bar. This is Adults Only (aptly named) – a popular Hollywood speakeasy. A large Christmas tree, adorned with lights greets you as you enter. Home Alone and other Christmas classics are being projected onto a large screen behind the bar.

What is this all for? The Shadow 2018 Holiday Party.

Cue Kimia Hangafarin; creator of Shadow. What is Shadow? Glad you asked.

Kimia Hangafarin, founder of Shadow

Shadow is an exclusive, upper tier industry networking tool and party / event finding platform. Developed from an idea Kimia had seven years prior while attending Community College at the age of 19. Utilizing the large network she had amassed from working within the industry for a number of years – Kimia introduced her most connected friends and business associates and laid the foundations for Shadow to grow.

The platform is currently operating via a series of closed WhatsApp groups where users share RSVP links, plus ones and connections to brand activations, parties and events. Made attainable only by invite of a “Gatekeeper”. Each group is location / industry specific, with the hub centering around the “Los Angeles” group. Others include “Fashion”, “Music Industry”, “Tech”, “420”, “Influencers”, etc.

The members within Shadow are all highly connected, young professionals and creatives at the top of their career game. Hand selected by the “Gatekeepers” – every member is picked and placed within the group that best suits their needs. All of this is done with providing the best networking environment in mind. And the proof is in the pudding; with one member explaining how he “closed a $20,000 deal with someone met through Shadow”.

Rules are also implemented across the groups to protect members from verbal abuse, defamation and bullying.  

So, how do you join?

Right now – the only way to obtain memberships is either through a “Gatekeeper” / Admin or one of LA’s super connectors. Existing members may also submit future member applications for approval via. One of their groups Admins.

Having already curated and crowdsourced hundreds of parties and events (over 20 per weekend in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, London and others); the app is slated to launch in Q3 2019.

In a time when people are glued to their phones, Shadow wants to create a community of people that are lifting each other up and helping each other create lasting personal and business connections at events in real life

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