Silver Lake Legends: Best Nightlife Venues to Visit on the East Side

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Experience the Silver Lake nightlife in all forms.

There’s no place in LA quite like Silver Lake. From vintage clothes to vegan cafes and trendy restaurants/bars, Silver Lake has become known as the artsy yet up-scale district of LA. Although Silver Lake is quaint and residential, the nights come to life on Hyperion Ave. This main street consists of chic restaurants with art filled walls and cocktail bars playing indie music. Although there are many spots on the Eastside worth checking out, I have compiled a list of my favorite venues that have made my nights in Silver Lake legendary. With this list, you are guaranteed to experience a luxurious yet wild night on the Eastside of LA.

Hyperion Public 

Located on one of the main streets of Silver Lake, Hyperion Public is a trendy yet casual restaurant and bar perfect for a night out with your best girlfriends or significant other. This community pub has become a hang-out spot for the typical Silver Lake crowd given the relaxed atmosphere and vibey music. Hyperion Public  has an extensive menu of classic American favorites as well as a full cocktail bar. From standard bar food to vegetarian dishes, Hyperion Public has options for everyone to enjoy. This restaurant and bar has become a Silver Lake essential for a night out with good vibes, food, and of course mixed drinks. 

Los Globos 

The Sunset junction in Silver Lake is also home to many bars and clubs, including one of my personal favorites, Los Globos. Los Globos is an upbeat, trendy club with live music and DJ events. This club has an aesthetic interior with colored lights and an open dance floor. One of my best nights at Los Globos took place on New Year’s Eve – pre-COVID of course. The club put on a special New Year’s Eve event that consisted of unlimited drinks, celebrations, and dancing past midnight. Each floor of the club had separate DJs playing different styles of music, giving us a little taste of every genre. This night not only made our New Year’s Eve memorable but also made Los Globos one of our go-to clubs to this day.

The Friend

The Friend is unlike any bar in Silver Lake. From pastel walls filled with unique art to the adorable indoor patio furniture, Silver Lake has become a hot spot for the artsy crowd of LA. This bar is a perfect place to hang out with your close group as well as a great place for a spontaneous date. With private tables and open bar stools, you are guaranteed to meet new friends (hence the name) as well as rekindle with old ones. Besides the impeccable ambiance, The Friend also has an extensive drink and snack menu. Their unique cocktails are mixed with The Friend’s house brand Vodka, making them both tasty and strong. The kitchen also provides classic Mexican appetizers and dishes to satisfy your drunk cravings. From vibes to liquor to food, The Friend checks all the boxes for a perfect night out in Silver Lake. 

Overall, Silver Lake has become a hip and trendy hot spot for a perfect night with your peeps or with a special someone. Although I have many favorite restaurants and bars on the East side, these three remain at the top of my list. Each of these venues provides a very different and unique atmosphere, giving you a chance to experience the Silver Lake nightlife in all forms.

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