Sing into Spring: The Best Karaoke Clubs in KoreaTown

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Who hasn’t dreamed of being a famous singer- singing on stage in front of millions of people, instead of singing to the bar of soap in your shower?

Koreatown in Los Angeles is one of those unique cities filled with opportunities for you. That’s right, KARAOKE baby! With amazing nightlife and endless Karaoke clubs, Koreatown is the best place to let your hair down and sing your heart out. We must say, Ktown knows a thing or two about Karaoke.

We’ve come up with a list of the best Karaoke Clubs in Koreatown. What cover are you dying to sing? “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston to get them dancing or maybe you’re prepared to spit mad bars and fire away some raps? If it’s a girls night, our ultimate classic go-to song is “Scrubs” by TLC. We can’t wait to hear all your funny Karaoke stories! Life gets stressful and Karaoke is a great way to unwind and laugh with your friends. Let’s check out these rad spots in Koreatown, and don’t forget to let us know if they are worth the hype.

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1) Recital Karaoke

Recital Karaoke is one of the most well respected Karaoke Club in Koreatown. It’s a modern Karaoke joint and it definitely has the vibe to match it up. Recital is designed with bright colors and has an awesome songbook filled with the latest hits. What could be better than that? I know I want to sing “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” or “Humble.” This spot is especially cool compared to all the rest because celebrities come from all over to perform at Recital Karaoke. If you want to have a good time with your family, friends or your band, this is the spot. There is so much history here that you’ll want to get up on stage just to say you’ve performed at the same place as some of the dopest celebrities. You can see photos outside the club of all the artists who have karaok-ed here. To name a few, the “Black Eyed Peas, Linkin Park, and Sung Kang” all made history by singing at Recital Karaoke. Also, this is one of the earliest opening Karaoke Clubs in Ktown. It opens in the afternoon and is a great place to start and end your day. Recital Karaoke closes at 2 a.m. so we recommend adding this stop in during one of your late-night LA adventures.

2) Pharaoh Karaoke Lounge

Pharaoh Karaoke Lounge is one of the smoothest Karaoke Clubs because it’s a lounge and a nightclub. If you want a way to escape and enjoy a club atmosphere then head to Pharaoh’s and get your Karaoke fix. They also serve food and drinks along with a fun dance club scene and sick strobe lights. People come here for all different occasions, like bachelorette and bachelor parties. This place is definitely a Karaoke Club for those of you wanting the spotlight. The energy at this club is so exciting that you’ll be cheered on even when you hit a flat note. It’s about having fun and partying! If that intimidates you though, you can rent out a private Karaoke room for your own group. Pharaoh’s actually has 17 rooms, and they are all rentable. If you’re throwing a party, you can have your own space instead of having to deal with an open karaoke bar.


3)  Jam Club

Jam Club is owned by a pro musician who wanted to create a safe place for musicians and music addicts to make memories. Jam Club can get super busy though for this very reason. It’s one of those Karaoke destinations in Koreatown that you’ll want to call ahead of time just to reserve a spot. They have a cover charge which isn’t too bad, $8 per song. Some people would find this discouraging, but we don’t! Why? Because the people that come to sing LOVE Karaoke. They take it very seriously and want to perform in front of a live audience. They have a saying at Jam Club “You will be an instant star at Jam”. They say this because you really are paying for a full star experience. They have a pro stage with pro equipment and pro stage lighting. Jam Club is exactly as the title infers, an artists dream, it’s a real jam but karaoke style. All the backing tracks use pro musicians so you can feel like a rock-star! The live band karaoke is Monday through Saturday, and on Sundays they open it up to a professional band jam sesh.

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4) Cafe Brass Monkey

Always on the list is one of the more popular Karaoke bars in Los Angeles. You can catch a crowd Monday through Friday and every weekend at Bass Monkey! This Karaoke bar is definitely a vibe with it’s dark yet chill atmosphere. It’s a super friendly place and everyone who goes there just wants to have a good time while people sing on stage! They have amazing food and a huge drink list to choose from. It’s a popular place to do group singing as well as singing in front of a rowdy crowd. If you’re looking for an open karaoke bar this is the best place to go to. This isn’t a private room kind of venue, it’s a super crowded tavern. If you want a real Karaoke experience, I’d say go to the Brass Money. It’s a group activity, not just with your party, but with the whole bar. That’s what makes it so fun! Everything is cheap and you’re bound to run into at least one boozed out celebrity wanting to get up on stage and sing like a clown.


5) PalmTree Karaoke

PalmTree Karaoke is another hot place to bring a private party! If you get nervous singing in front of strangers Palm Tree L.A. has 20 private rooms. The way they design their Karaoke Club is very relaxing with leather sofas. Let’s be honest, it’s not just about the Karaoke, it’s also about feeling comfortable in a hip club environment. Their most exclusive private rooms can fit up to 70 people per party. Prices do range quite drastically depending on your room requests, they start as low as $20 to $80 per hour. If you’re looking to spend some money on a cool vibe, this is the place for you. You’ll be able to get into some trouble, make memories, and go crazy on stage. People often come to PalmTree L.A. for special occasions, so I’d highly recommend booking a room here if you’re looking for a place to party and chill with your party.

6) The Venue

The Venue is actually tucked away pretty quietly in Ktown. It’s like a speakeasy and extremely difficult to find, but once you walk into The Venue it’s this amazingly luxurious nightclub. If you’re into bougie clubs and fancy atmospheres this is 100% the Karaoke Club for you and your crew. They also serve exquisite food and have hired a well renowned chef, Kayson Chong, who previously cooked at BOA, the famous steakhouse in Los Angeles. This is one of those classy places that you would find some of your wealthier LA friends. This nightclub has unique cocktails and beautifully designed private rooms for you to sing to your favorite Karaoke songs. It’s definitely a DJ-driven club and anyone who enters will not only fall in love with but never forget it. You can let loose in a luxe environment and feel like a King or Queen in this nightclub as you sing alongside other Hollywood A-Listers.


We hope you find this guide helpful as you navigate Koreatown and all the nightlife it has to offer. Everyone needs a good karaoke fix, and we want to see you laughing as you sing your way through the evening. Karaoke is something you do to make memories, so grab the mic with confidence and have fun hitting those notes. Remember, not to take yourself too seriously, order a drink for some liquid courage, and escape from reality. We know you can find your inner Britney “bitch” and karaoke it out at these trendy spots in Ktown.

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