Texture Tales

Nightlife often brings out our alter ego, so we might as well look the part.

Every now and again, we all get a little bored with our own hair, especially when it comes to prepping for a night out. While our signature look is a signature for a reason, nightlife often brings out our alter ego, so we might as well look the part. While we spend plenty of time looking through Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok for inspiration for a little update on our tresses, sometimes we want even more drama. But a negative experience in a salon you’ve later regretted that drastic decision, like a ‘big chop’ or a color change or even a chemical perm, can leave you a little gun-shy when it comes to mixing it up. Take it from me, I have done it all at this point! Most recently, I cut my hair shoulder length, but it came out way too short for my liking. So, I tried to let it grow but then began wanting a color change to cover my grays and add some warmth around my face. However, that decision came with yet another cut. Man, I’ve been missing my extra-long, natural locks.

So, what do you do when you’ve done it all? You do a little more! And by “more” I mean extensions, which is why I am obsessed with Kinkistry. It is 100% Virgin Hair Extensions, exclusively for natural textures ranging from tight curls to loose, flowing waves. They even have a texture guide on the site so that you can match your roots.  Kinkistry truly believes that every texture of natural hair should be represented in all aspects of life – let your curls live! Not to mention, they are also the only natural hair extension company that offers personal texture matching. It’s like having your own hair consultant before you even purchase. Can you say luxury online?! There is nothing worse than getting the wrong online purchase – it’s a whole emotional rollercoaster. And having this option was so helpful when I was choosing the right look for myself. 

I gave the Kolistics Drawstring Ponytail a try, and I really felt transformed. I slicked my hair back and popped in the clip-in, and immediately the tight, springy curl pattern I selected gave me a youthful feeling and inspired my entire night-out fit. As I’m sure I don’t need to tell you to know, it’s been fiery hot in LA, so my brain went straight to margaritas. I threw on a lime-colored, button-up mini dress and felt like I’d just turned 25 again. Look at these photos and tell me I’m wrong, I dare you! Needless to say, I was craving a fun little refresh, and Kinkistry delivered. Plus, the travel bag is totally adorable and the after-care is super simple.

Kinkistry offers wefted hair and closures, clip-ins, wigs, and ponytails. With so many options and 7 different textures available, there is something for all of your style needs. Even when I’m staying true to my signature, I like to rock a few good clip-ins to give myself a little more bounce and volume or toss in a long ponytail when I’m feeling flirty. This allows me to protect my own ends as well as gives me a sleek, sophisticated updo that is both sexy and timeless.