The Hangover Game Changer: How Drip IV Therapy Can Bring You Back To Life After A Big Night Out

IV? Yes please…….

We’ve all been there. You’ve just had the most epic night out—the kind where one cocktail turns into four, you somehow end up taking shots and find yourself dancing til dawn. It’s all wavy baby until the next morning hits and you are left with more than just regrettable drunken texts: The inevitable hangover.

Call it an occupational hazard here at Loop, but we know a thing or two about these bad boys. And we’ve tried all the tricks to recovering from eating greasy food to chugging Pedilite. We’ve even tried those trendy preventative patches, yet somehow, we still end up suffering.

Thankfully, Drip IV Therapy has cracked the code in resuscitating us nightlife warriors. Drip IV Therapy provides on-demand vitamin-infused blends to optimize repair, recovery, and rehydration on the cellular level. The IVs are administered by registered nurses under the direction of radiation oncologist Dr. Paul Y. Song in the comfort of your home, hotel or office.

The science-backed therapies and formulations are created and perfected to address a variety of symptoms such as dehydration, weight management, low libido, low energy, jet lag, migraines, nausea, and, of course, hangovers and other ailments.

The mega-popular Hangover Drip is specifically created with B12, Magnesium, Vitamin C, B Complex and Saline to address symptoms brought on by a wild night, including headaches, nausea, dehydration, etc. 

Treatments generally take between 30 to 45 minutes and can be administered to individuals, groups, and even large LA parties and events.

Other standout treatments include the Hydration Drip, the Cleanse Drip, the Super Immunity Drip, the Powerhouse Drip, the Stress Relief Drip, the Food Poisoning Drip and more.

(See the full list of treatments HERE).

After hearing so many influencers swear that Drip IV Therapy is a game changer, we just had to try it ourselves. So the morning after a late night out in LA, we got hooked up to a drip and we must admit, watched ourselves miraculously come back to life. For real.

Later, we caught up the pros at Drip IV Therapy who answered all of our readers’ burning questions about the remedy—from how it works to what the hell it actually feels like. Check them out below. 

How was the “Hangover Drip” developed and how are each of the components beneficial for helping someone bounce back?

The hangover drip formulary was created to alleviate some of the most common symptoms such as fatigue, headache, vertigo, and muscle aches.

  • Normal Saline – Alcohol is a diuretic, the reason why once you “break your seal”, there’s no going back. This will lead to dehydration.
  • Vitamin C – Consumption of alcohol can deplete the body’s amount of antioxidants (known as oxidative stress) which can lead to some of the most common symptoms of a hangover. When your body is experiencing oxidative stress, there is an imbalance of free-radicals and antioxidants in your body. Vitamin C helps with counter effect oxidative stress by getting rid of those free-radicals produced by alcohol.
  • Magnesium – is an anti-inflammatory and helps with muscle cramps and headaches.
  • B12 – helps alleviate foggy mind and boosts energy.
  • B Complex – helps alleviate fatigue and boosts energy.

Why is Drip IV Therapy superior when it comes to recovering vs. the old school remedy of taking a headache medicine or chugging Gatorade?

IV infusions are more beneficial because it you are directly receiving hydration, vitamins and antioxidants into your bloodstream. With that being said, the effects are much quicker! Whenever you take anything orally, it needs to be broken down by your digestive system, filtered by your kidneys and/or liver, and then it can be accessible to your cells.

When should someone do a Hangover Drip IV to maximum its effects? Before or after they drink?

It is recommended to receive a vitamin infusion after. As previously mentioned, alcohol is a diereuretic therefore it makes you urinate more frequently. If you were to receive an vitamin infusion prior, your body will not be able to absorb those essential vitamins as effectively.

For people who are scared of needles, any tips on trying it out?

Highly recommend laying down and having someone there with you. Our nurses are all highly skilled with IV administration and will help provide education by walking you through the process. For example, there’s a misconception that the needle is left in your arm. In fact, after we poke a patient, a small plastic catheter is inserted and the needle is quickly retracted.

Number one question we’ve heard from people is “what does it feel like” or “how do you feel immediately after?” Tell us!

During the infusion, majority of patient feel a cool sensation. This is mainly due to the IV bag being cooler than your body temperature. In addition, some patients smell or taste vitamins during the infusion as well. Every body is different, therefore some people will feel the effects immediately, after a good nap or eating a meal, the next day, or an overall gradual improvement over the next few days.

How often is it safe to do IVs? Can someone do one every weekend?

It all depends on your current health condition and your overall physical activity and stress levels. As long you do not have any contraindicating factors such as hypertension, respiratory issues, combating any gastrointestinal or immunity problems, you can receive an IV infusion at least twice a month for good maintenance. I always recommend for you to consult with your primary care provider for additional consideration.

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In LA, Drip IV Therapy is available in Malibu, West Hollywood, Brentwood, Hollywood Hills, Pacific Palisades, Venice, Hollywood, Inland Empire, Orange County and all of Los Angeles County. 

Treatments are also available in Orange County, Santa Barbara County, San Diego County, Riverside County, Alameda County and San Mateo County.