Freshen Up For Fall: 3 New Skincare Lines To Try This Season

Your skin will thank you….

Let’s be honest, in the summer months, our skin takes a beating. Sure, your tan may have looked fab, but your skin is probably begging for some TLC after battling sweat, the strong sun and chlorinated pool parties all season long.

Now that fall is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to get your skincare routine back on track and there are a number of new skincare lines out there to try. Check out three standout brands that recently and shop new products from each below.


For years, Prose has been our the go-to brand for custom hair care products and this summer, the brand expanded into the skincare space. 

Prose Skincare is the first AI-powered skincare line to drive true personalization for the consumer via 15 million possible formula combinations targeting multiple skin concerns at once. The system is dermatologist-tested, dermatologist-approved and clinically tested to show results in four weeks. Through a user-led online consultation, custom insights are pulled from more than 80 key factors such as skin type, diet, stress, pollution and climate, and work to properly address all aggressors. (Think of it as a fun Buzzfeed quiz with swag at the end). Using only carefully selected essential ingredients, known for their proven results and maximum efficacy, Prose’s Paris-based, in-house R&D team works with a proprietary algorithm to identify the right blend of active ingredients to formulate a three-step skincare system that evolves with you.

The skincare system not only includes bespoke formulas to suit each individual’s skincare needs, but also offers texture and fragrance customization, including a fragrance-free option for those with sensitive skin. Prose’s trio of skincare products are vegan, cruelty-free, silicone-free, alcohol-free, paraben-free, mineral oil-free, phthalate-free and gmo-free.

Take the Prose Consultation to create your bespoke formula HERE.


Custom Serum


Custom Cleanser


Custom Moisturizer


Kanu Skincare


Kanu Skincare, officially launched in August, bringing a revolutionary range of skincare products specifically designed to address the unique needs of women of color. Founded by a woman who personally battled adult acne and dark spots, Kanu Skincare is on a mission to provide gentle and effective solutions that promote radiant and healthy skin for individuals with melanin-rich complexions.

Their focus on a combination of natural ingredients, gentle active ingredients, and cruelty-free practices means that you can trust their products to nourish and protect your skin. With Kanu Skincare, you can embrace your natural beauty and achieve radiant, healthy skin without worrying about any harsh or harmful chemicals. Whether you’re looking to combat hyperpigmentation, reduce acne scars, or simply achieve a more even complexion, their extensive range of products have the perfect solution for you.


Gentle Essential Cleanser


Brightening Essential Serum


Daily Essential Moisturizer



Prequel is a dermatologist-developed, solution-focused skincare brand founded by Dr. Samantha Ellis, in collaboration with The Center, a Los Angeles based brand accelerator. The brand debud in July with three core products specifically designed to address skin health and the root cause of skin concerns while delivering clinical solutions to help reverse barrier dysfunction and treat skin issues, head-to-toe.

Offering a balance between doctor office brands, prescription based topicals, and over-the-counter basics, Prequel provides effective and cosmetically elegant formulas accessible to everyone. Utilizing clinically validated active ingredients at ideal levels to support skin health, enhancing skin barrier function while optimizing product performance, Prequel addresses skin concerns from ageing skin and acne to crepiness and hyperpigmentation.

The three core products launching includes the Gleanser, a non-drying glycerin cleanser for face and body,  the Skin Utility Ointment, a multi-purpose skin protectant and the Urea Repair 10% Urea Moisturizing Milk for face and body.


Gleanser Glycerin Face & Body Cleanser


Skin Utility Multi-Purpose Moisturizing Ointment


Urea Lotion – Advanced Relief Face & Body Lotion