Will Ferrell Crashes Son’s USC Frat Party To DJ

Ferrell went feral

Will Ferrell, he’s a world renowned actor, accredited comedian and now…college DJ??? Yes, you read that right. The Step Brothers star crashed University of Southern California’s Sigma Alpha Mu party and took control over the beats. 

Ferrell, who graduated from USC in 1990 was visiting his son Magnus, a current student, for a family weekend. He DJ’d his son’s frat party in a backwards cap, shades, headphones and a USC zip up, totally playing into the DJ role. He stood behind the makeshift DJ booth hyping up the crowd while party goers surrounded him. At one point, he even blasted a CO2 gun! 

The Old School actor definitely channeled his Frank the Tank character, getting students excited for the USC – University of Arizona football game that took place afterwards. Unfortunately the Trojans lost in a triple overtime, but at the end of the day which university was graced by a Hollywood icon? We would say USC are the true weekend winners. 

Ferrell’s appearance has been posted all over TikTok, and users are flooding the comment sections with laughter and joy watching the 56 year old live it up. So will this be his new side gig? Maybe we should sign him up for Loop‘s 2 A.M. chronicles.