Bombay Hair: Top-Tier Styling Innovation at Unbeatable Prices

‘Oh em gee’ what a transformation!

I’m going to make a confession. Until recently, I’ve used the same curling iron for over a decade. Glam beach waves have been a hairstyle trend that works for nightlife looks while fitting into that trying-hard-to-look-like-you’re-not-trying daytime vibe in a way that never seems to go out of style. And my 1-inch barrel curling iron always managed to do the trick. While I have acquired other tools, I never fell in love with the resulting looks. My waver made my rather fine but very long hair look like I used an 80s-style crimper rather than having wind-blown locks, and a half-inch wand was time-consuming while making the thinner ends of my hair stick in Shirley Temple-like curls while sections closer to my scalp seemed loose and frizzy. However, I recently picked up Bombay Hairs’ 5 in 1 Curling Wand, and my routine has been revolutionized. 

Okay so first, let’s get into the unboxing. I truly felt like an influencer unwrapping the pink container that included five different styling tools which can be attached to one base. The packaging is literally built to be a display case, and you bet I kept it! It came complete with a mount (to keep hot tools off your counter or other flammable objects) and chic, matte black hair clips which can be used to section off pieces as you create your look. Writing this, I still can’t believe that this many products are included in the $160 value. Let’s be real, we’ve all spent much more than that on a single straightener before.

Of course, it was time to get to testing. I was heading to lunch at Tower Bar at the Sunset Tower hotel with my best friend when I decided to experiment with my Bombay Hair products. I threw on a silk, floral mini dress, a Lucy Paris leather jacket, and some 90s style Schutz platforms. I was fitted for Sunday cocktails by the pool – now that’s my kind of ‘nightlife.’ After finishing my makeup routine (and if you’re curious about that, I’ve picked up a lot of the products from Jacqui’s recommendations), I grabbed the ‘13/25 tapered wand’ and began curling my hair away from my face. Unlike most wands, this tool is wider at the end. And ‘oh em gee’ what a transformation! This unique shape solved the ‘problem’ I’ve encountered when using narrow wands in the past. The pieces of hair closer to the scalp (which, due to your hair’s weight, usually fall out of tighter curls) contact the slimmest part of the barrel, while the ends (which are often thinner from heat damage and less impacted by gravity and hence curl tighter) meet the widest part of the barrel. The result is truly perfect, even curls. Of course, I run my hands through the ringlets after dousing with hairspray to create a more subtle look, and my locks held the shape while bouncing into separate, natural-looking strands.

While I have tried the other attachments – all of which hold up to the top-tier results – and particularly enjoyed the ’32 mm with clip’ when I want barely-there curls, the 13/25 is totally my new addiction. In fact, I keep regretting that I haven’t owned this for years. So perhaps inevitably, I find myself browsing the Bombair Hair website daily, making sure I don’t miss some new must-have innovation. Right now, I’m eyeing some 22-inch clip-in extensions, and, HELLO, the Fall Clearance Sale is going on now. So take my advice, and don’t spend a decade waiting to upgrade your routine. It’s time to get to shopping!