Dr. Robin B Highlights The Perks Of Having A PCN+ Membership

Dr. Robin B at Skybar

“PCN has been such a great experience. They’ve been really accommodating, understanding an influencer and what their interests are and how to accommodate them.”

With the world slowly but surely opening back up after a year-long lockdown with the COVID-19 pandemic, PCN Entertainment is here to attend to all your nightlife needs. The private digital members’ club proves itself as a safe space for creatives to discover, connect, and experience more life together. 

With the recent announcement of Desiree Ashe-Bradford stepping into the VP, Events & Programming role, PCN Entertainment kicked off their soft launch party, taking over Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood on a beautiful Tuesday in Los Angeles (May 25th). The invite-only event was open to all those with a PCN+ membership and boasted an exclusive guest list, spotting creatives and celebs such as OT Genasis and some of LA’s top influencers. You can sign up here to apply to become a part of their private membership community of creatives and unlock access to their perks and events!

One of PCN’s founding members, Dr. Robin B was present for the soft launch event, which simultaneously served as a celebration for her graduating from pharmacy school. Robin is the definition of an overall creative. She has her own podcast called The Dose Show on all audio platforms, a merch line, and also started her own vegan skincare line in November, 2020. Her end goal is to inspire young women to pursue their dreams without fear of being judged. She states, “Be encouraged, you can create a career without being a certain type of person. The sky’s the limit.”

When it comes to her PCN+ Membership, Robin had nothing but praise. “PCN has been such a great experience. They’ve been really accommodating, understanding an influencer and what their interests are and how to accommodate them. All-inclusive: men and women from different creative backgrounds. They’re really trying to broaden the spectrum of who’s out in the scene and who deserves recognition.”

While Robin has been in the nightlife scene since her younger years in Washington D.C, she is enthralled to be in Los Angeles, the mecca of entertainment.

She explains, “Everyone lives here, so it’s really a way we can all collaborate. It feels like family. It feels like home, everybody’s coming home. With PCN, it brings that to the table. You can have a hotel, you can have hospitality, you can have guests, you can have people coming from out of town — but people who can understand people, who understand relationships and connections, it’s really important.”

One of Robin’s favorite features on the platform is the fact that you can pick and choose what venues you want to attend. She states, “You don’t necessarily have to attend one or the other, but whatever fits your niche. If you like your day parties, you can come to places like Skybar. You can also come to the night parties like Dragonfly Nightclub or Harriet’s Rooftop. The platform offers a lot of variation in what you’re able to do.”

PCN Entertainment opened its applications for membership only a couple short weeks ago and is already soaring in the creative community. They are planning for a much larger launch coming this June. 

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