Holiday Wish List Guide: Viral Fashion Stylist Sara Fedz Shares Season Statements

Step into 2024 with the best style…

“We keep our finger on the pulse.” It’s one of the most common phrases we say here at Loop Magazine. However, it’s easier said than done, especially when it comes to fashion. Luckily, we have influencers like Sara Fedz to help give us some insights, and she’s lended her expertise for our holiday wish list series!

Sara Fedz is a stylist and personal shopper based in Miami, but also works in Los Angeles and New York City. She owns her own vintage clothing store, Peachtree Revival that is filled with unique pieces curated and selected by her and her business partner Dani Klarić. Her sense of style is filled with colorful and bold pieces, which is reflected in Peachtree Revival and the brands she chooses to spotlight. For example, she just showcased a dress that was made of love letters from the designer Alberto Perkinson

Through showing her day to day life as a personal stylist and shopper, she’s gained over 286k on her TikTok and over 171k on Instagram. Her content showcases unique pieces she’s found while thrifting, ensembles she’s put together for clients, and regular practices running Peachtree Revival. She’s a style icon who is not afraid to take risks, and we love the statement and everyday pieces she recommends for your holiday shopping. Keep scrolling to see them!

Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag 20 In Metallic


Amy Lynn Alexa Black Puffball Dress


Salomon XT-6 TPU-Mesh Sneakers


Maison Margiela Tabi Mary-Janes


MIISTA Black Mariela Boots


Lisa Says Gah Bows Earrings


Silver Snap Hair Clips 

(Perfect for emergencies)


The Rockstar Hair Barrette



Vintage pieces from Peachtree Revival

$ dependent on item