Jung Kook Releases New Single & Music Video With Jack Harlow

Bring out the champagne and confetti…

BTS does not plan to resume group activities until 2025, but that is not stopping the members from releasing their own music, including the youngest, Jung Kook. On Sept. 29 at midnight EST, the K-pop singer released “3D”, his highly anticipated single featuring Jack Harlow

The song is a mixture of R&B and pop, reminiscent of an early 2000s Justin Timberlake. The song itself is also seductive as the chorus goes: 

So if you’re ready (So if you’re ready)
And if you’ll let me (And if you’ll let me)
I wanna see it in motion
In 3D (Uh-uh)
You won’t regret me (You won’t regret me)
Champagne confetti (Champagnе confetti)
I wanna see it in motion
In 3D”

The music video opens with Jung Kook talking on a street phone as well as walking up a white staircase in a matching white jacket and pants. The whole video takes place in a city set, reminiscent of what one might see in a studio. The BTS singer and his backup dancers perform on a raised mirror platform, really playing into the 3D effect. 

The “First Class” rapper finally makes an appearance a little over half way through the song, interacting with the female background actors and playing chess with Jung Kook. The video ends with the dancers performing while water rains down on them from a fire hydrant Jung Kook smashed. 

Jung Kook’s “Seven,” featuring Latto, which was released back in July is still dominating the charts, but “3D” might come and challenge it. 

“Seven” is also a sultry song that sings “Night after night, I’ll be f***** you right,” in the explicit version’s chorus. Therefore, “3D” seems to be following the theme, and these two songs could predict the style fans should expect from the global sensation. 

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