Lady Gaga Teams Up With The Rolling Stones To Release New Single

Seven minutes in music heaven…

There is so much excitement to take away from The Rolling Stones’s latest single, “Sweet Sounds of Heaven.” Not only is it part of the album Hackney Diamonds, which is the band’s first album of original content in over 18 years, but it also shows Lady Gaga’s amazing range. 

Plus, Stevie Wonder is on the track as well, so what’s not to love about it?!

Mick Jagger sat down with Zane Lowe for an Apple Music interview, where he claimed that Gaga’s feature was truly a surprise. He praised that she was “a really great singer,” and he had  “never heard her sing quite that style before.”

Gaga straying from her traditional style is truly a treat, as in the 7 minute song there’s soulful and deep harmonizing between the two. Jagger reflected on the recording process, telling Lowe, “We did it live in the room, and that was a great experience, her just coming in the room and her just opening up and seeing her bits and feeling her way and then getting more confident,” the rock legend explained. 

“And then we came back and then did some extra parts that we hadn’t done on the day and then we did some tidying up and we were just in the overdub room, really face-to-face, getting them really tight, the parts really tight, and then being slightly competitive and screaming,” Jagger continued. The process is definitely reflected in the song as listeners can truly hear the let out of emotions. 

Instagram/Lady Gaga

Fans can also hear Wonder on the piano, Fender Rhodes and Moog.

This song is just one off the highly anticipated album, which will release October 20th. Other features include Paul McCartney, Elton John, former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman, and the band’s late drummer Charlie Watts. “Sweet Sounds of Heaven,” follows the first single “Angry,” which featured Sydeny Sweeney in its music video!