Night in Los Feliz: Our Favorite Hotspots for Drinking and Dining

“Most have that young, artsy, familiar vibe to them”

Although a smaller neighborhood of Los Angeles, Los Feliz is no stranger to fine dining or a crafty cocktail experience. With so many different styles of restaurants and bars, there is a venue in Los Feliz for every person and occasion. Given that it is fairly close to Silverlake, many of the locations I enjoy most have that young, artsy, familiar vibe to them. Although I have accumulated an extensive list of favorite restaurants and bars over the years, I have narrowed it down to the top six you just have to try.

Figaro Bistrot


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Figaro Bistrot is a traditional French eatery with elegant side-walk seating. They serve freshly baked goods as well as home-cooked entrees and off-the-griddle brunch.  As much as I loved the Burrata Croustinis, the French Martinis are what kept me here until 12am. Whether you are sitting at the side-walk tables or inside the restaurant, Figaro Bistrot never fails to make you feel like you are dining in Paris for the night. 

Encanto Restaurant & Bar


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Encanto is an upscale Mexican restaurant and bar located in the heart of Los Feliz. Given how much I love Mexican food, it is no surprise that this place made my list. While dining here, I ordered their vegetarian tacos which were both creamy and spicy – I was pleasantly surprised with how delicious these were. I also was impressed with the quality Paloma, which kept me coming to back to the bar for more. Overall, the vibes, food, and drinks at this venue were incredible. 

Found Oyster


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This upscale seafood restaurant and bar undoubtedly serves the best oysters in all of Los Feliz. Their oyster dishes are freshly served with homemade sauces on tiered plates. The Found Oyster menu also includes salads, steaks, and other plates all elegantly displayed. Although the food was delicious, I most enjoyed drinking several glasses of champagne and the endless plates of fries.

Messhall Kitchen


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This cocktail bar and restaurant has a classy yet comfy vibe to it and, provides customers with all of the American foodie favorites. Messhall serves one of the best veggie burgers that I have ever had, which went down especially well with my gin and tonic. Located in the center of Los Feliz, Messhall Kitchen is a great place to enjoy cocktails with all:  brunch, lunch, and dinner! 

Harvard and Stone


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I have written about this bar before, but given this piece is about Los Feliz, it is only fair I mention Harvard and Stone again – it’s that worth it! Harvard and Stone is a chic bar/lounge with a rustic, factory-style interior. The signature cocktails have dirty/dark names – one of my personal favorites being ‘You Insensitive Piece of Shit’. This tasty and citrusy drink has a shot of Mezcal in it giving it a perfectly smoky finish. Harvard and Stone is located on Hollywood Blvd. and remains to be a staple comfort bar for any night out of the week.

Little Dom’s


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Although more of a restaurant than a bar, it is worth mentioning that Little Dom’s has some of the best Italian food that LA has ever seen. This Los Feliz gem has delicious dishes that take a twist on traditional Italian entrees – my favorite being the Ricotta and Burrata Ravioli that is drenched in a mushroom bolognese sauce. Little Dom’s also has a special Monday supper menu that contains a set three-course meal, including the best gelato that you have ever tried.