Nightlife Quotes And Lyrics For Your Future Social Media Posts

Nightlife Quotes

Save these nightlife quotes and lyrics so when it’s safe to go out you aren’t spending any time coming up with with clever Instagram captions.

Right now, it’s hard to imagine a night when we’ll be back at our favorite bars and nightclubs, but the days of filing into tables, popping bottles, dancing to live music and not worrying about bumping shoulders with strangers will come.

When they do, you’ll need some captions to complement the social media content you’ll create. Don’t take yourself out of the moment by trying to come up with something witty to post—we’ve done the work for you by collecting the best nightlife quotes, lyrics and sayings.

With our list, your only concern should be snapping a bomb pic and finding enough cell service to hit post.

Nightlife Quips

One shot, two shots, three shots, floor!

Let the good time roll.

Life is a party, dress like it.

Friends who slay together stay together.

Wine not?

All we have is now.

Waiting for the girls to pull up. It’s GNO.

Cruel intentions.

Sip back and relax.

Let’s do it all again next weekend?

When the sun goes down, the fun goes up. 

Sip, sip, rosé!

It’s wine o’clock somewhere. 

You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.

Tonight’s forecast: 100 % chance of wine.

Unbothered and unapologetic. 

Beer we go again.

Nightlife Quotes

“Night life is when you get up with a hangover in the morning. Night life is when everybody says what the hell and you do not remember who paid the bill. Night life goes round and round and you look at the wall to make it stop. Night life comes out of a bottle and goes into a jar. If you think how much are the drinks it is not night life.” Ernest Hemingway

“In nightlife you can do anything you want, because that is the fantasy life, the opposite of your daily life. Everything – except violence – is tolerated. And that is why it is so surrealistic in a way.” – Eddy de Clercq

“A drunk doesn’t try to stand up; a drunk tries not to fall down.” Matthew McConaughey

“Go to any club. People are intermingling, hanging out, having fun, enjoying the same music. Hip-hop is not just in the Bronx anymore. It’s worldwide. Everywhere you go, people are listening to hip-hop and partying together.” Jay Z

“Hip-hop is what makes the world go around.” Snoop Dogg

“That’s what life is all about: Let’s have a party. Let’s have it tonight.” Lilly Pulitzer

“Every day is work for me, but it’s also a party. I’m the luckiest guy in the world.” Diplo

“Life is short, wear your party pants.” Loretta LaRoche

“Life is a party. Dress for it.” Audrey Hepburn

“Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.” Frank Sinatra

“Beer is proof that God loves us.” Benjamin Franklin

“When life gives you lemons, find someone who has vodka and throw a party.” Charith Thilina

 “In LA, people who met each other three months ago at a party are now the closest friends in the whole wide world.” Mindy Kaling

“Every time a champagne bottle pops, a party angel gets its wings.” Terri Guillemets

Lyrics About Nightlife

“I don’t stand outside ’cause I’m too outstandin’.” Megan Thee Stallion

“You know how I get too lit when I turn it on.” SAINt JHN

“Okay, I pull up, hop out at the after party.” Don Toliver

“Pretty girls wanna have fun. Get drunk, get f*cked up.” iann dior

“He got mad, so I got drinks.” Cyn

“A little party never killed nobody, so we gon’ dance until we drop.” Fergie

“The club can’t even handle me right now.” Flo Rida

“Poppin’ bottles in the ice.” Far East Movement

“Pour it up, pour it up.” Rihanna

“DJ got us fallin’ in love.” Usher

“Got the club goin’ up.” iLoveMakonnen

“I might drink a little more than i should tonight.” Pitbull

“I don’t see how you can hate from outside of the club, you can’t even get in!” Chris Brown

“Work hard, play hard.” Wiz Khalifa

“I’m here for a good time, not a long time.” Drake

“Ball so hard, this shit crazy.” Jay Z

“They be thrown’ in the towel, I do yellowtail at TAO.” Drake

“I’m on Patron Tequila, I’m drunk on margarita.” Paradiso Girls 

“Can I get that Coke, can I get that Henny? Can I get that margarita on the rock, rock, rock? Can I get salt all around that rim, rim, rim, rim?” Nicki Minaj

What you doing in the club on a Thursday?” Kanye West

“Do LIV on Sunday like a church.” Meek Mill

“All she wanna do is party all night.” Arizona Zervas

“My girl wants to party all the time, party all the time, she parties all the time.” Eddie Murphy 

“I’m in the game for real; it pays to chill. I walk in the club and they front the bill.” Snoop Dogg

“Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, i’ll drink to that.” Rihanna

 “Live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight, party tonight.” Drake
“Ain’t nobody fucking with my clique.”  Kanye West
“Blame it on the booze, got you feeling loose, blame it on ‘tron, got you in the zone.” Jamie Foxx


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