Paramount Releases 'Mean Girls' For Free On 23 TikTok Videos

On October 3rd, he asked what day it was…

It’s been 19 years since Aaron Samuels famously asked Cady Heron what day it was, and Paramount is celebrating by releasing the entirety of “Mean Girls” on TikTok.

Yes, you read that right, TikTok. The official Mean Girls TikTok account has released the full length movie in 23 parts, including the end credits. TikTok users around the world have taken up the trend of splitting full length movies into multiple parts. Sometimes clips are even on a split screen, shared with a mundane video such as making slime.

However, Paramount is the first studio to officially take up this trend, as studios typically only post teasers or trailer clips on their films. Fans were excited to see Paramount break this boundary with top comments saying “the fact that yall uploaded the entire movie is iconic” and “This feels like I’m watching anime in parts again on Youtube back in 2006.”

The movie is still available for free on Paramount+ for subscribers, but anyone can access the public TikTok account. The official “Mean Girls” account was made to promote “Mean Girls: The Musical,” as a recording of the play will be coming to theatres Jan. 12, 2024.  

The first video was posted Sept. 14, and the account only had three videos before today’s TikTok movie release. Followers are now eager to see what else the account has in store, and we are wondering is TikTok the newest streaming service? The streaming industry just got a little more interesting,