Skip the Alcohol and Enhance Your Night With a Little THC

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“These products are uplifting and energetic in their effects, guaranteeing a high night of laughter and fun.”

Many people are quick to associate smoking weed with sleepy, munchy stoners hanging out in a relaxed and slightly mundane setting. Although this is partly true, there is much more to weed and the effects it brings forth than what these stereotypes suggest, and we, at Loop, would be remiss to report on Los Angeles without including a Where/What/How on our favorite, now-perfectly-legal nighttime enhancer. 

Yes, the cannabis plant can in fact be very helpful in putting you to sleep, but it also brings forth uplifting and energetic feelings. Cannabis plants come in several different strains that are categorized as either an indica, sativa or hybrid. Indica weed strains produce a more relaxing and sedative kind of high while sativas provide a social and energetic high. As assumed, hybrids sit in the middle of the spectrum, giving off a very mellow and balanced high. Given the effects of cannabis sativa, this type of weed can be perfect for a night out dancing with friends and socializing with new people. Although many people rely on alcohol to have a good night out, this sometimes ends with messy regrets. Cannabis does not affect you in the same, often hectic ways that alcohol does, yet it is still overlooked as a way to enhance a night out. With some research – and of course a little trial and error – I have compiled a list of the best cannabis products to use before your next night out with friends. These products are uplifting and energetic in their effects, guaranteeing a high night of laughter and fun.

The first product that I would recommend are the Maui Wowie Jeeter Prerolls. These are pre-rolled joints that consist of premium indoor-grown flower that has been infused with concentrated THC oil. Although they are strong, this strain is known to send you into a state of euphoria filled with energy and life. Before going out to a club, my friends and I all shared one of the Jeeter XL pr-rolls of this strain and were high enough to forget alcohol even existed. We were so giggly and social, we felt like we could talk with whoever we wanted without feeling uncomfortable and while still being completely in control. I was able to dance and have fun the entire night without getting sleepy or sloppy.

The effects of smoking weed can sometimes only last for about 45 minutes, and I typically spend more than that at a club or bar. So, my friends and I decided to step up our game and try taking an edible before our next night out. After some trial and error, I found the Lost Farm Edibles to be the most effective and ideal edibles for the nightlife scene we would be attending. These edibles are unique in that they are made with live resin cannabis oil, meaning they are strain specific to their mother plant. Thus, their Blueberry, ‘Blue Dream’ strain fruit chews are a perfect, euphoric sativa that will greatly enhance your night out at the club. As the effects of edibles sometimes take longer to hit you, my friends and I each took one fruit chew an hour before arriving at the club. Sure enough, we were all hit with an energetic and giddy high by the end of our uber ride there. These edibles kept us up and dancing for much longer than the joint did. We ended up staying at the club until the morning hours and had one of the best nights out with no alcohol needed.

The last product that I recommend trying before your next night out with friends is Kan+Ade’s Medible Mixers. If you are the type of person who is too stubborn to skip the alcohol and replace it with cannabis for a night, then this product may be ideal for you. The Kan+Ade mixers are a liquid form of cannabis that has been flavored and can be added to any drink for enhancement. These drinks provide a light and giggly high that leaves you feeling relaxed and content. Although these are technically hybrid THC drinks, they do not make you feel sleepy, instead just happy and stress-free. As many people enjoy the process of drinking alcohol when out, these Medible Mixers are a perfect replacement that will not leave you forgetful or regretful. . . no matter what you did that night! Overall this product felt most similar to drinking alcohol given its liquid form and ‘tipsy’ onset. As a result, Kan+Ade has become one of my favorite cannabis products for a night out in the city. 

So if there’s a Tuesday night party you just can’t miss but a 9am Wednesday meeting you need to attend, try a sample from this list, and enjoy a hangover-free night out in our favorite city! 

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