4 Socially Distant Date Ideas In Los Angeles That Don't Involve Video Chat

Dating During COVID-19, Photo by Colin D.
Dating during COVID-19, Photo by Colin D.

We’ve stayed indoors, reorganized our closets and binged every show on Netflix.

Now, many months after social distancing orders were first implemented in Los Angeles to slow the spread of COVID-19, the once temporary pause placed on our social (and dating) lives seems to have an indefinite ending. 

Birthday parties and graduation ceremonies have turned into drive-by parades; nights out at local bars have become buzzed Zoom calls with friends; and fitness classes with our favorite trainers have migrated to virtual training platforms.  

Online dating has also taken on a whole new meaning. While the apps are meant to help single people make an initial connection, interactions limited to FaceTime can’t really reveal whether the digital spark translates to a real-life romance.

Luckily, a socially distant date in Los Angeles can be done, and it doesn’t always have to be via video call. Try these four ideas that will allow you to enjoy dating again, and return some normalcy to your life.

Beach picnic in Malibu, Photo by Roberto Nickson

1. Pack a Picnic or Pick Up Dinner and Eat Outdoors

Even pre-COVID, a picnic has always been a cute idea for a date. Whether it’s with someone you just met or a long-term partner, being at a loud bar or restaurant doesn’t always leave much room for quality conversations. Now that crowded places are out of the equation, take this opportunity to get some one-on-one time. 

There are plenty of incredible parks throughout Los Angeles where you can spread out a blanket and unpack your picnic basket, no matter what neighborhood you choose. Go all out by placing a to-go order at Gwen in Hollywood, getting dressed up and heading to Highland Camrose Park. Or, for a more casual option, Pizzana in Brentwood boasts some of the most fabulous pizza in the city. Pick up a pie and some red wine before heading to the beach.

Dinner Date, Photo by Stefan Johnson
Dinner date, Photo by Stefan Johnson

2. Make A Reservation With A Restaurant Offering Outdoor Seating

If you miss eating out (by now, don’t we all?), plenty of restaurants are offering outdoor dining as an ideal socially distant date option. At most places, the staff is required to wear masks, but diners can take them off after being seated in order to enjoy the food — their date’s smile. 

Elephante in Santa Monica serves elevated Italian cuisine and boozy frozen cocktails, not to mention ocean views that will earn you some major points. For a more relaxed alternative, check out The Waterfront Venice, where you can sip creative cocktails crafted by Dave Purcell, the former beverage director for The NoMad Hotel.

Backyard movie, Photo by Roberto Nickson
Backyard movie, Photo by Roberto Nickson

3. Set Up A Projector and Have A Movie Night

Have a backyard or rooftop? Order a projector online (some are less than $100 on Amazon), put up some string lights and call another couple for a movie night outside where you can safely sit at a distance. 

Melrose Umbrella Co. is still delivering their famous cocktails designed by Zach Patterson, or you can concoct your own drinks when you order a favorite bottle through the Saucey app. Pick up some snacks for you and your guests — and don’t forget the popcorn!

To-go drinks, Photo by Roland Denes
To-go drinks, Photo by Roland Denes

4. Order A Cocktail To-Go and Take A Walk Around A New Neighborhood

Several restaurants and bars throughout Los Angeles are offering to-go cocktails. For an atypical socially distant date idea, pinpoint a part of town you’ve never explored, find a bar near a walkable area and grab some drinks for a stroll around the neighborhood. Los Angeles is enormous, and now is the perfect time to get to know whatever pocket you’ve yet to become acquainted with. 

While it’s unclear when our lives will go back to normal, this shouldn’t stop you from getting creative with your dating life. As long as you keep a safe six feet from others, wear a mask when you need to, and wash your hands often, you can enjoy getting to know someone. Maybe one day you’ll even look back together and recall that time when you met during a pandemic. 

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    Cute ideas! Love the projector date!

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