The Refreshing yet Timeless Ambiance of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Photography via Pexels

“Classic disco music from artists such as ABBA, The Trammps, and Donna Summer”

There is no denying that Los Angeles has an exciting and often wild nightlife scene. From fancy bars to fabulous rooftop views, LA has continuously entertained locals as well as visitors with thrilling nights of drinking and dancing. Despite this, many Angelenos have become somewhat ‘bored’ of the LA club scene and find it to be slightly redundant. No matter how excessive a bar/club venue might be or how great the drinks are, there is one essential component that’s key to attracting a clubgoers: the music. Although the top hits may slide with a certain crowd, many people (including myself) have gotten bored of dancing to the same songs time and time again. With this being said, I have been doing a bit more research, looking into the music and theme of a club before deciding where my friends and I should go out for the night. Although this has become somewhat of a trial and error process, I managed to find one of my new favorite clubs located at the Line Hotel in Koreatown, known as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. This disco-themed club pleasantly surprised my friends and I with its refreshing ambiance and playlist of groovy oldies. 

Given the disco of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, we were pleased to find that the venue was committed to making it feel like you walked into a time machine traveling back to the 70’s. Classic disco music from artists such as ABBA, The Trammps, and Donna Summer played all night long, keeping us and the rest of the crowd on our feet until the early morning hours. The interior decor of the venue also fit the theme very well, with chaotic colorful lights, live DJ performances, and of course a bar filled with copious amounts of alcohol. There were even disco dancers that made an appearance on the grand stage situated within the club, ensuring their audience stayed energetic throughout the entirety of the night. When we finally felt it was necessary for a break, my friends and I made our way outside to the patio where there were tables for us to recuperate and get some fresh air. Sure enough, it only took a couple minutes before we ran back inside to dance to ‘Disco Inferno’ which was blaring from the speakers. Overall, the groovy vibes and atmosphere of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang really stood out to my friends, making it one of the most fun clubs we had been to in a while. 

Although the music and ambiance is really what made Kiss Kiss Bang Bang especially unique, the drinks and food menu at the hotel was also noteworthy. I started off the night by ordering a Paloma at the bar, which happened to be as delicious as it was strong. After a few more drinks, my friends and I decided it was necessary that we have a bite to eat before getting too tipsy. As a vegetarian, I was extremely excited to see that the menu had a wide variety of vegan options such as a vegan burger, nachos, etc. I was also pleased to find how convenient it was to order food, as it did not require us to leave the general premises. After finishing our meals, we were able to re-enter the club scene and continue dancing until it was finally time for the venue to close.

Overall, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was successful in hosting an extraordinary night out for my friends and I. We were able to dance to our favorite old-time songs in a young and refreshing environment, while also having the opportunity to get drinks and food whenever we desired. As a result, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang has become one of my new favorite venues in LA that continues to impress me upon each and every visit.

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