Model Phi Tran Teaches Us How To Serve Looks With Her Style Secrets

Phi Tran
Phi Tran

Model, rapper, and influencer discussed her go-to outfits, favorite restaurants in LA, and more.

Phi Tran’s latest caption on Instagram reads: “you never know how i’m coming, you just know I’m coming,” paired with a double-edge sword and bomb emojis. The photo sees the Vietnamese-American squatting with a “look back at it” pose, rocking a high twisted pony, a see-through, cut-out top, and cut-out sweatpants displaying her plump booty.

Beyond stylish and sexy, Phi describes herself as “crazy, honest, caring, and ambitious. I’m a little bit of everything. I’m not the same all the time, I’m this complex person but super simple.” If we were to interview everyone in her life and ask them to describe Phi, they’d all give different answers.

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But ultimately, she’s a creative in all art forms. Born in the Philippines but raised in Columbus Ohio, Phi was both attending Ohio State full-time and working full-time when she decided to make the move to the West Coast. It was five years ago when she was on vacation in Atlanta for a friend’s birthday, thinking to herself “fuck, I don’t wanna go back to Columbus and go back to school.”

She told her best friend she was “done and over it,” proceeding to look up flights to LA two weeks out (because she wanted to put in her two weeks). “I worked at a nail salon, typical Vietnamese,” she adds with a laugh.

We caught up with the model, rapper, and influencer to discuss her rap career, gym routine, go-to outfits, favorite restaurants in LA, and more.

What made you ultimately move to LA?

I just outgrew Columbus, I couldn’t see myself growing there anymore. I wanted something bigger for myself. Literally I woke up and I did it. I booked a one way, I put in my two weeks in. I told my family. It was one of those things where I have to do it now while the fire’s still burning. I had a boyfriend at the time, he’s like “let’s just wait a year, let’s stack up. Let’s move, let’s plan this out,” because he was very strategic. I’m like “no, the fire is burning. I must go… farewell.”

What did your parents say?

My mom’s really supportive with everything that I do. She’s awesome. I told her “I’ma move to LA to model,” because I was modeling back home too. She’s like “okay, do you know anyone out there?” I had to lie like “yeah, there’s an agency they told me to move there.” You know how Asian parents are, they freak out. My dad’s super supportive too, they aren’t together but they’re friends. They’re super supportive with my career choices. My mom was just at my music video shoot on Facebook Live like “look at my daughter shooting her new video!” I’m like “mom!” [laughs]

Speaking of, talk about your new music video “Touch It”.

“Touch It” is about getting to the money, you gotta touch it! Those are the exact lyrics. [chuckles] It’s me and my best friend Meisha, our group name is PM. It’s the first letter of our names together, we’ve been friends for 10 years. The single “Touch It” is on all platforms. We have another single called “GET IT,” also on all platforms. The video starts with us off working at the warehouse, we’re tired of working. Our bosses are yelling at us, we’re like “we’re just gonna get money ourselves.” We tie him up and basically steal the ice cream truck, then turn it into a party. 

Is music what you wanted to do with your life?

I always wanted to do a little bit of everything. I’m a creative person, I express myself through fashion, art, etc. I’ve been modeling for a while, so I’m like “I want to rap! That’s what I want to do.” I literally said that when I was young: “I’ma be a rapper.” Everyone’s like “Phi no you’re not.” I’m like “no, I really am going to be a rapper one day guys.” It just happened, the time was right.

How do you pick what to wear for a fun and long night out?

You have to be comfortable if it’s a long night. It depends on where we’re going. If we’re going to a house party, I’ll probably do a nice dress. I’ll wear my hair up so I don’t have to worry about it the whole night because I’ll be taking pictures. I’ll do a nice bun, some cute earrings, a nice either flowy or tight dress depending on the occasion, and comfy heels. I always have my pair of slides in the car, just in case. If it’s cold out, I’d do a little shawl or a cute jacket to pair. 

How would you describe your style? What are some of your go-to outfits?

My style depends on my mood. Today, I’m wearing a throw on jumpsuit. It’s very comfortable but it’s still sexy because my chest is out, it’s tight and it’s form fitting. I am the sexy girl, that’s what I like. Even if I’m wearing a lounge outfit, I’m still going to spice it up in a sexy way. I can never be just sweatpants and a hoodie. If I’m doing sweatpants and a hoodie, then there’s some bedazzled stuff on there. There’s jewels on it or it’s a zip-up and I’m zipping it all the way down. That’s my style: I like sexy, form-fitting, chill things. 

How do you take care of your body?

I work out five times a week, literally. I just came from the gym before this interview, I had to squeeze a workout in. I normally do legs and glutes, my butt. Ladies, make sure your butt is plumped. I do a lot of squats. I do cardio but I sprint because I’m tiny. I sprint so my thighs can build up, so I’ll do 9.5 on the treadmill for 30 seconds. Because if I do cardio, I’ll lose weight. You guys won’t see me, I’ll disappear. [chuckles] I do cardio every other day and usually work out my legs. I do arms sometimes. I really hate doing abs so I need a partner for that. I’ll ask a random at the gym. I don’t even care, I’m like “hey, do you want to spot me?” Or “do you want to do abs? Are you doing abs today? Can I do it with you.” [chuckles]

What’s a few must-have pieces in your wardrobe?

Nice jeans. Form-fitting jeans, that’s a must have. Even if I go on vacation somewhere hot, I still pack some nice jeans just in case. Every girl needs a nice black dress, always. Swimsuits, a lot of bathing suits. [chuckles] That’s my thing, I wear swimsuits all-year long. I don’t care what day it is. I literally swimsuit shop every other week. If there’s a swimsuit sale, I’m buying it. Don’t know where I’m going, but I’m buying it. I literally have over 100 swimsuits, it’s crazy. A nice leather jacket is always good. I love a lounge outfit, but a cute comfy lounge outfit. Black heels, nude heels, white sneakers.

Nightclub, restaurant, or bar?

Restaurant. I love food, I am a foodie. If I won the lottery tomorrow, the first place I’m going is a restaurant. I’ll probably go out to Malibu, somewhere far so I can eat and think about what’s happening. A bar no, because I don’t drink. I’ve never drank before. I stuck my tongue in a few drinks, but I didn’t really like the taste. A nightclub: if I’m not getting paid to host or it’s not a friend’s birthdays, you won’t find me there. So take me out to eat if you want to date me! Feed me. [chuckles]

What are your top 3 restaurants in LA?

Wow, so hard because I love food. I really like Tao, every dish is really good to me. There’s this Peruvian restaurant by my house called Lola’s, their food is really, really good. I love Peruvian food, it’s so good. Catch is really good too, but I literally go to Tao all the time. Their chocolate cake is really good, but I just like Asian food.

What are you ordering at Tao?

I’m going to tell you guys my order! Same thing I get every time. I get the yellow sashimi, then I’ll get a shrimp tempura roll. I’ll get the sea bass skewers, I’ll get lobster fried rice with no onions. I’ll get some oysters, the oysters are really good there too. If I’m really hungry, I’ll add the wagyu beef. Mmm, so good. I’m getting hungry now.

What are you most likely to wear for dinner?

I’m either wearing jeans and a really nice top, and heels with the mini-bags that are in right now. It depends on the weather. Right now, I’d do a skirt with thigh-high boots and a nice top. Maybe curl my hair, something of that nature.

What are you most likely to wear to a party?

Something extra. [chuckles] I’m the person who if you’re inviting me to your birthday party, I’m probably gonna show up really extra. I need you to show out for your birthday because I’m most likely going to. I’d wear a form-fitting dress, very form-fitting, very tight. Heels, nice bag to go with it. It’s usually most likely a dress but very tight, that’s my style. Even if it’s long, it has to be tight. If it’s loose, I’m going to put a corset in the middle.

Phi Tran

Ideal date?

Honestly, I’m a chill person… and romantic. Either you can set up a nice little picnic at the beach for me, or if you want to come over and cook, we can. Or we can go to dinner. Food has to be in there of some sort. You could take me to a jazz night, or a concert, I’m super chill. I like intimate vibes. Nothing crazy, just us two. Make sure there’s food and we’re good to go! 

Anything else?

I’m going to drop another single before the year is over, so be on the lookout for that. In the meantime, all my music is on every social media under PM. You guys can follow me on Instagram: @MissPhiTran. Everything will be on there and… stalk me! 

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