You are currently viewing Unique L.A. Coffee Shops Guaranteed To Perk Your Day Up

Unique L.A. Coffee Shops Guaranteed To Perk Your Day Up

Unique L.A. Coffee Shops Guaranteed To Perk Your Day Up

Chase your dreams with some caffeine..

Los Angeles is quite literally the land of unique coffee shops and cafés that there is no better place to try out new drinks, treats and café experiences. However, where does one start?

Trying to find a new coffee shop to try is the definition of “overwhelming.” There’s so many to choose from, but don’t worry. Here at Loop Magazine, we’ve done our research and have some coffee shops that are worth a trip (and the L.A. traffic). 

Slammer’s Café

Everyone loves a hidden gem, and that is exactly what Slammers is. It is a courtyard café located in the back of Brain Dead Studios. Not only does it have natural greenery, but it is decorated with lanterns, string lights and neon signs. It’s a peaceful place to work on a sunny day, especially because there’s free wifi. The coffee beans are locally sourced, and in honor of it being in the back of Brain Dead Studios, most of the food is a fun twist of movie theater classics including hot dogs, nachos and pastries. 

611 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, @braindeadstudiosfairfax

La La Land Kind Café

This next café chain can’t help but put a smile to anyone’s face. There are locations at Santa Monica, The Grove and Calabasas. La La Land’s color is a joyful yellow, reflecting the happiness it conveys. La La Land states its business has the purpose of hiring and mentoring foster youth, as well as normalizing kindness.

“The name la la land represents a dream world. We set out to bring la la land to life,” the café states on their website. “A place where you walk in and feel a true sense of joy for life. a place where you are loved for who you are. a place that brings together all human beings. a place where kindness is priority.”

The drinks are also fun too. The signatures are the “La La Latte” and the “Perfect Latte,” but the menu is expansive with drinks such as “The French Toast Latte,” “The Cookies n Dream Latte,” and “The Purple Latte.” 

189 The Grove Dr Suite G1C, Los Angeles

14799 Commons Way, Calabasas

1426 Montana Ave #1, Santa Monica 

Supersweet Tattoos & Coffee

How many places can one get a great coffee and a tattoo at the same time. Located in Echo Park, Supersweet is L.A.’s first combined tattoo parlor and coffee shop. Not interested in a tattoo? That’s fine as the adorable pink and green interior is about as Instagram worthy as it gets. They have it all from a patterned tile floor to wall paper to pink and green couches and seating arrangements. The drinks are just as beautiful. 

If one is interested in a tattoo, they can book a session and a consultation. They provide the full service, including aftercare instructions. 

1345-1347 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles

Carrera Café

Everyone knows about L.A.’s infamous pink wall, a number one spot for social media pictures. Well, right across from it is a shop just as adorable. Carrera Café draws its inspiration from a European style café with a sleek design, but the real show stopper is its latte art. 

Guests can choose an already made design or even pull up a personal picture, and it is printed on top of the drink. Harry Styles fans flocked to the shop when they offered special pictures during his residency stop at the Kia Forum, but no matter the time of year, one can get a customized drink! Forget seeing a latte foam heart, imagine a picture of you and your best friend that you’re grabbing a drink with!

8251 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles


Into minimalist interior design? MemoryLook is the place. However, it’s sleek yet cozy vibe is not the best part of this café. The food and the drinks speak for themselves. 

Their signatures are a matcha drink and cold brew Einstener, but they have a variety of options and are topped with a supposedly to die for whipped cream. They also have signature donuts baked fresh every day. The flavors are strawberry cream, créme brûlée, tiramisu and matcha brûlée. 

2881 W Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles

Jurassic Magic Coffee

Jurassic Magic Coffee fits the vibe that every hipster wants in their coffee shop. Located in Midcity, this place feels open and airy with indoor and outdoor ceilings as well as mirrored walls. 

The café is a collage of fun tiles, colors and plants. The environment is definitely earthy. There is even a little area to shop for homemade knick knacks and clothes. After shopping, one can sit and work as plenty of chairs have outlets. However, one needs to come with their own wifi. They refer to themselves as their “neighborhood cultural club,” bringing in a diverse group of people. 

1865 S Mansfield Ave, Los Angeles

Matte Black

It feels like more people drink cold brew than anything else these days, and Matte Black is capitalizing on that. This café serves exclusively cold brew coffee in an artistic environment. The inside mocks a pop art style, and customers feel like they step into a cartoon or comic book. 

The entire inside is illustrated in white and black paint, giving 3D and character effects. Recently moved from downtown, one can now find Matte Black on the iconic Sunset Boulevard.

8500 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles 

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