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Stay Woke: 8 Under-Eye Masks To Use After A Late Night Out

Truth be told, "You look tired," is one of the worst comments one can receive. We all know it's really code for you look like s**t . Sure, you may have had the most epic night out, but the last thing you want is it showing on your face the next morning. So the next time your party plans turn into an all-nighter, recover with a set of under-eye masks to de-puff those dark circles, quench your dehydrated skin, and, frankly, bring you back to life.

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Dressing For Revenge: Shop 7 Slay-Worthy Styles

On Taylor Swift’s venomously titled “Vigilante Sh*t,” the Grammy winner details a savage and stylish revenge-seeking plan that includes “cat eyes sharp enough to kill a man.” And let’s be honest, we can all relate. Whether you are anticipating running into an ex on a big night out or just want to look fire on the gram, we rounded up seven slay-worthy styles that will prove looks can indeed kill. Afterall, hell hath no fury like a baddie scorned.

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